Growing Pains

Season 2 Episode 7

Do You Believe in Magic?

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1986 on ABC

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  • For me is the best episode on a family sitcom.

    Simply, is the best episode ever made on a sitcom. Actually 20 years later. It has great jokes and excellent plot, very funny. And I´m not exaggerating, watch it and you´ll see that it´s fantastic!
    Mike tricks Ben and Carol with a cards trick.
    After that Mike was already had waiting Boner in the phone, so Boner was still waiting for him in the phone, a few minutes later Mike enters to the house upset, saying that he waited for Boner in the gallery, but then Mike realizes that in the phone was a voice. Mike answers, "Mike: Boner, where have you been? I waited for you 30 minutes in the gallery...yeah...u-hu... oh, why you didn´t called me to say that you were waiting me on the phone?". Jason decide to trick back to Mike. Ben bought a rock and all the family were helping Ben to make believe Mike in magic. Ben uses the rock to swindle Mike, first he makes him believe that it healed the pain in Maggie´s tooth, then it makes appear the doctor´s note. Next, Ben simulate to clean up Mike´s room, wich was a mess. But actually there was Maggie and Carol cleaning the room, without Mike knowing it. And Carol was fascinated to trick on Mike. After that, Jason starts to develop a ridiculous story, wich was hilarious. Mike was finally convinced that it was a magic rock, he wants to buy the rock at $50. Then, in school Boner was explaining the birth of a baby in the most hilarious way that could be. Next, it´s Mike turn to make his speech, and he was sure that the magic rock will help him, but all went wrong, and for excuse says that the real theme of his conference is the swindles and he was tricking to the class, kinda this way: "Yeah the real theme of my speech is about the swindles. You´ll see I came here making believe you that I knew what I were saying, but I tricked you. What morons are you!" hilarious.
    In the next scene Boner goes to Seaver´s house, saying that Mike tricked him by selling him a rock at $60! But the real thing is that Mike´s waiting for Boner in the backyard to recieve all the money! But it´s not over yet, Boner says that his teacher wants to buy the rock at $200. Mike says: "you know what: by tricking on someone you only harm no one but yourself. Some people never understand." excellent plot. Who can´t like this?
    "Do you Believe in Magic?" of Growing pains is the bestest stuff on family-rated TV.