Growing Pains

Season 4 Episode 17

Double Standard

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1989 on ABC

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  • Jason punishes Ben and Carol unequally for the same crime.

    This episode follows on the heels of "The Fortunate Son," an episode dealing with racism. This episode deals with sexism, and, unlike the previous episode, does so in a lighter manner. Carol and Ben each sneak out of the house and go on dates. They are both caught and punished. Maggie and Jason discuss it and decide that Jason should handle the punishments. He does, however, Ben's punishment is only a stern warning, a stark contrast to Carol's grounding. When Carol tells Maggie that Jason is sexist, Maggie investigates and realizes it is true. She vetoes Jason's punishments and institutes her own. She, however, also punishes in a sexist manner, by letting Carol off the hook and punishing Ben more harshly. In the end, Maggie and Jason both realize they are sexist and institute a rule in which Maggie will punish the boys and Jason the girls. This is not a classic episode, but it has its moments.