Growing Pains

Season 4 Episode 16

Fortunate Son

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1989 on ABC

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  • Mike takes a job at a convenience store and learns his new boss is showing him favoritism for race-related reasons.

    As much as I love Growing Pains, this is not one of my favorite episodes. But since the title of the show is Growing Pains, this is an episode they needed to have at some point. Mike needs a new job and he finds one at a convenience store at which Mike and Ben stop. His mom, however, is not happy that her son is working the graveyard shift. She tells Mike to ask his boss (Nick) if he can get a new shift. When Mike asks Nick, Nick says yes without hesitation and tells the Black (Jerry) and Indian (Raj) employees they will be splitting the graveyard shift again. Mike suspects Nick is a racist and tests him by pouring soda on the floor (to see who gets the blame). Nick sees it and begins to get upset with Jerry. When Mike admits it was his fault, Nick tells him it is okay. Nick, however, soon realizes it was not an accident. Mike walks out and gets his lesson on racism. This, of course, is a very important issue, just not a great episode.