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Growing Pains: The Jetsons Version!

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    Growing Pains: The Jetsons Version!


    George Jetson: Dr. Jason Seaver

    Jane Jetson: House Wife or News Caster Reporter, Maggie Seaver

    Astro the Dog: Teacher or Actor, Mike Seaver

    Elroy Jetson: High School Student or Middle School Student, Ben Seaver

    Rosie the Robot Maid: Irma Seaver

    Judy Jetson: Officer Boss Business or College Student, Carol Seaver

    Mr. Spacely: Ed Malone

    Mrs. Spacely: Kate Malone

    Henry Orbit: Principal Willis DeWitt or Coach Graham Lubbock and or Wally

    I'm Sorry! Chrissy Seaver & Luke Bower and Mike & Ben's Friends is not included even being apart to Growing Pains: The Jetson Version at all. Because I really don't know where there fill in to The Jetsons Gang.

    Growing Pains now remind of the way as The Jetsons Life Hood pretty much. It does have all the related/similar to it very much.

    1.) - Jason & Mike always getting down each other heads fighting all the time. So, that is way similar how George & Astro always getting down their heads over fighting all the where to sit and go.

    2.) - When Mike move out back. They start showing less time of Mike and he comes in the picture now and then. And Also show more of Carol & Ben than Mike since he move out back. So, that's why Mike is Astro the dog & Carol is July Jetson and Ben is Elroy Jetson.

    3.) - Jason & Ed don't get alonger very well to each other same way George Jetson & Mr. Spacely don't get alonger to each other as well.

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