Growing Pains

Season 3 Episode 8

Gone But Not Forgotten

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1987 on ABC

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  • Heavy-handed, but well-done nonetheless.

    In the post-\"All in the Family\" world, most sitcoms dealt with heavy issues--and actually weren\'t all that funny. Nearly every episode of every sitcom was a \"Very Special Episode.\" Watching sitcoms in the 80\'s was like having intense therapy sessions with Oprah.

    \"Growing Pains\" was certainly no exception, and this episode is a textbook example. However, everything comes together in just the right way in this episode. The acting, the pathos, and yes, there is even some humor in the show.

    One can\'t help but feel the Seavers\' sense of being violated when they learn someone was in their home. And Alan Thicke\'s \"moral of the story\" is genuinely perceptive and heartfelt.

    This is a truly fine half-hour of television.