Growing Pains

Season 7 Episode 3

In vino veritas (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1991 on ABC



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    • Jason: There are programs for teens who drink.
      Luke: So then go find a teen who drinks!
      Mike: Luke, don't you know how bad that stuff is for you? Do you have any idea what alcohol does to your internal organs? Your, your liver, and your heart, and your whatever else is in there?

    • Ben: Excuse me, sir, um, I just came out of, uh, Theater Five, and, um, I left my wallet in there.
      Movie Usher: Heh. Your wallet.
      Ben: Yeah, it, uh, must have slipped out of my pocket when I stood up to let those nuns take their seats.
      Movie Usher: There were nuns watching When Stewardesses Go Bad?

    • Jason: You got to hand it to Mike, though. He's really serious about finding Luke a good home.
      Maggie: I know. Ever since he brought Luke here, he's been kind, responsible, caring...
      Jason: Kind of gives you the creeps, doesn't it?

    • Mike: You don't have to do chores just because my dad asks you to.
      Luke: Well, he didn't ask me. I volunteered.
      Mike: Ahh! You volunteered? Luke, no, no, no, no—look, yeah that's maybe how you do it on the streets, but this is suburbia. Nobody does anything for anybody.

    • Mike: He doesn't have to stay here, but where?
      Jason: A foster home—I'm a consultant at the Bureau of Child Welfare, Mike. I can help him get a great one. It'll just take a little time. Meanwhile, he can stay at a facility called Peyton Hall. Now, I know it's not perfect...
      Mike: "Not perfect"? Dad, that place has got gang members and drug addicts. And that's the Honor's Program!

    • Mike: You being on the street and everything—it's kind of my fault.
      Luke: Well, I wouldn't say that.
      Mike: Really?
      Luke: It's totally your fault.

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    • Mike says that when angry, Jason makes "Freddy Krueger look like a guy with Press-On Nails", referring to the villian from The Nightmare on Elm Street movies.