Growing Pains

Season 2 Episode 3

Long Day's Journey Into Night

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1986 on ABC



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    • Maggie: Usually we know your friends before you go out with them.
      Carol: Well, what's to know? She's a cheerleader. She's on the Drama Club, very funny, and very popular.
      Ben: So what's she hangin' around with you for?
      Jason: Mike!
      Mike: Hey, I didn't say it, he did.
      Jason: Sorry, it sounded like you.

    • Maggie: I don't remember that sweater.
      Carol: Oh, no, it's not mine. It's Annie's. She loaned it to me.
      Mike: Oh, no, call the Nerd Police. She's out of uniform again!

    • Mike: Boner, what are you doing here?
      Boner: I don't care Mike. I'm gonna sleep in your door!

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