Growing Pains

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1989 on ABC
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On a family outing to Martha's Vineyard, Mike is left alone with Julie overnight when the rest of the family misses the ferry to the island.

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  • Julie and Mike are stranded in an island home overnight.

    This is one of the best episodes of Growing Pains, a notch below the top three (episodes 41, 85, and 105). The Seavers and Julie go to an island home for the weekend. Mike, Julie, and Chrissy leave first and catch the last ferry to the island, while Jason, Maggie, Ben, and Carol are stranded on the mainland until morning. Hijinks ensue. One of the all time great Growing Pains guest actors Bill Erwin plays twin brothers. I love this episode. It's particularly important as the episode in which Julie begins to see Mike in a different light, leading to the revelation of episode 85 (Anniversary from Hell).moreless
Charlie Spradling

Charlie Spradling


Guest Star

Bill Erwin

Bill Erwin


Recurring Role

Julie McCullough

Julie McCullough

Julie Costello

Recurring Role

Kelsey Dohring

Kelsey Dohring

Chrissy Seaver

Recurring Role

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    • Ben: Can we get on the boat now?
      Chester: Could, son. Don't see why you'd want to. Doesn't pull out till mornin'.
      Maggie: What???
      Jason: There's no other way to get on the island?
      Chester: Or off the island, for that matter. Unless you got fins and a blowhole. (laughs) Local joke.

    • Jason: Look, I got a teenage son and he's trapped on that island with a 19-year-old blonde.
      Chester: (mock gasp) What will become of him?

    • Jason: (on phone) Mike, it's me.
      Mike: Hey, what the heck happened to you guys?
      Jason: Well, we missed the last ferry, so we're here at the quote Historic Whale Watch Inn. We were lucky enough to get the Thar She Blows Suite.

    • Jason: Mike, look, just remember that Julie's there to look after Chris, okay? And, uh, I do not, repeat, I do not want you to think of her as a pretty girl you're stranded with all night on an island, all right? You gotta think of Julie as, uh, as your mother.
      Mike: Dad, that's sick!

    • Julie: Okay, Mike, I do think you're attractive.
      Mike: I believe you said really attractive.
      Julie: But if people just went for people that they found really attractive, where would we be?
      Mike: Exactly. I'm holdin' out for an ugly woman.

    • Maggie: I can't see them together. They don't have much in common.
      Jason: Well, I can see the attraction in Freudian terms. You know, men are often attracted to women who remind them of their mothers.
      Maggie: Oh, you think Julie reminds him of me?
      Jason: Yeah, sure. She's blonde, she's smart, she's cute. Not much of a sense of hu... (realizing insult, starts singing) uuuu light up my life...

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