Growing Pains

Season 5 Episode 2

Mike and Julie's Wedding

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1989 on ABC

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  • When Julie leaves Mike at the alter, Mike feels empty and no explanation is given.

    This was the dumbest episode yet. This being after I understood why she was written out of the show. Please.... can we say grow up. Playboy was not going to be the ruin of Growing Pains. The show had started going down hill after Mike graduated high school. (the reason little Chrissy was born)
  • Days from his wedding, Mike begins to have cold feet, and seeks advice from those around him.

    Contrary to what the other reviewer believes, this was a pretty good episode. You have to remember, the name of the show is "Growing Pains," and having cold feet on your wedding day is one of those pains. Mike asks everyone he can find why people get married and how one knows they are making the right decision. The previous reviewer ignores the actual episode, and focuses on the reasons Julie was written out of the show. But he even gets that wrong. Kirk Cameron was responsible for her being forced off of the show. No one involved with the show agreed with the decision but they had to go along with him since he was the star. Regardless, it is a good episode. There is even a good cameo by Coach Lubbock (Bill Kirchenbauer), who had previously left the show for his spin-off Just the Ten of Us. I recommend the episode and suggest you ignore the previous reviewer.