Growing Pains

Season 5 Episode 2

Mike and Julie's Wedding

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Mike goes to Irma and Wally for advice. When he apologizes for just dropping in, Irma says, "That's okay, you can surprise me anytime." Wally comments, "That's what she always tells me." Irma laughs and says, "Oh, Bobby!" Bobby is the first name of the actor who plays Wally.

  • Quotes

    • Maggie: Jason, don't you have a tissue?
      (he pulls one out and wipes his nose)
      Maggie: For me!

    • Mike: (reading wedding invitation) "As Julie and Mike celebrate the beginning of their life together." It should be lives together. I mean, hey, I got that wrong on an English paper last year.
      Carol: Mike, I applaud your flash of literacy, but you're missing the point. You and Julie are starting a life together—one life—get it?
      Mike: Yeah, so which one of us is losing our life?

    • Maggie: Mike, I promised last week and several times before that–no more negativity. From this day forward, I'll embrace your marriage with gusto!
      Mike: Mom, you make it sound like a beer commercial.

    • Maggie: Honey, you don't have to go through all that again. I know how you feel because twenty years ago, I was you, your dad was Julie, my mom was me, grandpa Ed was... Gosh, I'm starting to sound like my mother.
      Mike: No, no, Mom. That's okay. Keep going. I mean, you were real near making a point. Weren't you?

    • Mike: Dad, sometimes Mom makes me nuts.
      Jason: Hey, I never said this, okay? Tell me about it.

    • Mike: Well, see, um, Julie and I have to write up our wedding vows, you know, and we have to put into words all the reasons why we're getting married. And there's just so many of the darn things that, you know, I'd like to get your help in narrowing them down. I mean, Dad, let's face it. You are a dynamite narrowdowner.

    • Jason: I mean, from the moment that I proposed right up until this instant, Mike, I've never had any doubt that your mother was the only one for me.
      Mike: Never a doubt? Not one? This is Mom we're talking about.

    • Coach Lubbock: Look, Seaver, you're a man. I'm assuming your fiancée is a woman. You meet, you get married. That's how it works. For you, for me, for everybody.
      Mike: Coach, I don't understand.
      Coach Lubbock: That's because we're talking about the mystery of love here.
      Mike: Oh, what's that?
      Coach Lubbock: If I knew, it wouldn't be a mystery, lug nut!

    • Mike: Alright, if I tell you guys something, can you keep a secret?
      Wally: You can trust me. I've never told anybody about your grandmother's tattoo.
      Irma: Oh, Wally!
      Wally: Yes, but I didn't tell him where it is.

    • Mike: Why do people get married?
      Counterman: Look, son, we're talkin' sports.
      Coffee shop regular: Hey, marriage can be a sport.
      Stranger: Yeah. A contact sport!

    • Stranger: What do you know, kid?
      Mike: Well, I know that Julie loves me.
      Stranger: Then that's a start. I mean, if it's Julie you're gonna marry.

    • Mike: (after buying a mounted moose head) Well, I'd say I got a bargain.
      Eddie: Yeah, and I'd say you've lost your mind.
      Mike: It says, "A man lives here."
      Eddie: Michael, if it says anything, shoot it!

  • Notes

    • Ben only appears at the beginning of this episode, in Mike's dream sequence, and he has no lines.

    • The German episode title is "Hochzeitsglocken", meaning "Wedding Bells"

    • In real life, Julie McCullough was written out of the series because censors (and born-again Christian Kirk Cameron) criticized the idea of a former Playmate playing Mike's girlfriend. She would return later in #110: "Mike, Kate, and Julie" to give Mike (and disappointed viewers) closure for the breakup.

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