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  • Mike always in trouble, carol the nagging, pain in the butt sister and Ben the tag along, copy-cat brother is what it's all about. But of course there is Maggie and jason Seaver, the caring and loving parents everyone wishes they could have.

    I used to watch it religiously after school when I was younger and it became one of my most favorite sitcoms. One season is out, I have it and I hope they keep coming out. A classic and a must own set. Mike always gives me laughs and the drama and problems that occur are similar to what occurs in reality. I highly suggest this show.
  • Top of the 80's!

    One of the best shows from the 80's
    Admit it- everyone back then loved Kirk Cameron!
    The whole show covered everything! Kind of like a modern day 1/2 hr epi of 7th Heaven- but much more funny, even though it had serious parts. I loved this show. The Cosby show was right up there with it!
  • It's just amazing!

    I've been watching reruns of this show on the ontario network CTS since fall 2001 and at this point I'm seeing every episode for the 7th (?) time. I've grown familiar with every character and almost every episode, this show is awesome. It's corny at times but you really gotta love the whole concept of it, no wonder it lasted for such a successful 7 years. There's even recognizable now-big-name guest stars at times, such as Brad Pitt and Matthew Perry. It's funny, wholesome, and an all-around great classic sitcom.
  • Average but nice

    Entertaining. Probably average, that's true, it's almost like any family show from the 80s but in spite of that it was a fine show.
    Good characters and a good way to spend half an hour (at least when I was a child that's the time that i watched it).
    The problem is that, like any other family show they wanted to give a message (that, i don't like).
  • Show me that smile!!

    whoever had the idea of making this classic is a genious. I think i have seen every episode at least 3 times. I mean come on who didnt have a crush on Ms.Gold. I even remember the pilot to this show. In my mind it was an instant it. WOW.
  • Great show.

    Growing Pains was my favorite show when it was on the air. Bring it Back. Even if it is just repeats. I want to see it again. Well anyway, the show is about a family (Seaver's) and their problems growning up. Mr. and Mrs. Seaver had four children. The show tells about there life growing up. This show is a comedy and also a drama for when the emotional parts are. Babies are born and people do die in this show, but that is like everyones life. Growing Pains is an amazing show. Watch when it comes on, you will like it. I really hope it will come back on soon.
  • Show me that smile agian

    Growing Pains is probably one of the best Television shows from the late 80’s. It focused on the Seaver family that consisted of Jason (Father) he was psychiatrist, Maggie (mother) old news anchor / journalist stay at home mom their three Children: Mike(14 or 15), Carol(13 or 14) and Ben(9 or 10)

    The show was about family that had problems just like everybody else, and how that family grew and changed over the years, in season 4 Carol gave birth to Chrissie. During season one Jason brought his practice home, so that Maggie could go back to work. Viewers saw Mike go from a care free, irresponsible teenager to a responsible young man. Carol was pretty much brainy all the time, but learned how to let her hair down. Ben became a teenager but he was always in the footsteps of his older once rebellious brother.

    I suppose to give the show something more, though Chrissie was born at the start of season 4, by season 6 she was 6 years old

    Though the show had its funnier moments it also had more serious moments, one I remember clearly is when Carol’s boyfriend Sandy died, it was so heart wrenching. Who can remember when Mike started a fling with Chrissie's nanny.

    Leonardo DiCapprio was brought in the shows last season I guess to give some more spice to the show.

    I’d recommend this show to anyone, since the series came to an end in 1992, there have been two reunion movies (2000 and 2004), though I would much recommended the first movie
  • Wow....

    Wow, what can i say? This show made me think of my own family. Everyone had the bad boy (Mike), smart girl(Carol), and the kid that does nothing(Ben, and later Crissy). The show never failed to make me laugh. I remember watching the show on ABC, Disney, and then ABC Family. It was very funny. I loked how they show went over the years and you could see how the family changed. how they got smarter.
  • A show that always made you laugh!

    I cannot believe that people are trashing this show. I loved this show when I was growing up. I watch reruns of it now on the ABC Family Channel and I still love it.

    The show originally centered around upper class parent Maggie and Jason Seaver and their pains raising three kids: Mike, Carol, and Ben.

    Mike was the fast-talking underachiever who was always trying to scheme people. Carol was the brainy overachiever and basically the exact opposite of Mike. Ben, well, was just there. He wasn't as outgoing as Mike and wasn't as smart as Carol. He didn't really do anything special.

    As the show went on, Mike (Kirk Cameron) quickly became the star of the show. Some of the schemes he tried to pull were hilarious. I remember one episode where he indirectly ran a money pyramid scheme with a paper route.

    As the shows ratings began to fall, they began to bring new characters to breathe new life. Maggie gave birth to Chrissy in the third season. I remember during one of the summer hiatuses, she mysteriously aged like 5 years. They also brought in Luke (Leonardo DiCaprio) as a homeless kid that the Seavers adopt for a season and Dwight as Carol's weirdo boyfriend.

    In the later years, I thought the show was still very entertaining. You got to see Mike go from being an irresponsible teen to a very responsible adult. While the show dealt with many serious subjects, it never really took itself too seriously.

    I would highly recommend this show to anyone who didn't grow up in the 1980s. They just don't make many shows like "Growing Pains" anymore.

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