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  • This show is a Classic!

    Growing Pains is a 80's show but now people watch the reruns and they still love the show. I watch the show on I and on Nick at Nite and I just have to say I love the show and I have the First season on dvd. All kinds of people can relate to the show i think thats why Dramas/Comedy's last so long all kinds of people relate, teens, adults, young adults, elders, It's still an awesome show and they ended it about 15 years ago and i havent lived that long yet. hahaha! sorry anyway, i love growing pains
  • I love this show!

    This is a great family show! It is a typical family living in New York. Alan Thicke plays the father, Jason Seaver. He is a psychiarist. He has a wife, Maggie, who is played by Joanna Kerns, and four kids. The oldest is Mike, played by Kirk Cameron. Then there's Carol, who is played by Tracey Gold. Ben is up next, who is played by Jeremy Miller. Last, but not least is Chrissie who is played by Ashley Johnson and twins, Kelsey and Kirsten Dohring. This family has everyday problems and even out of the ordinary problems. They have great family and friends and it teaches great life lessons. Growing Pains is one of my favorite TV shows and it gets a 10!
  • Show me that smile!!

    whoever had the idea of making this classic is a genious. I think i have seen every episode at least 3 times. I mean come on who didnt have a crush on Ms.Gold. I even remember the pilot to this show. In my mind it was an instant it. WOW.
  • Seavers were a loving family!

    I liked the way this family functioned. They had a few hard times, but their humor and care for each other was the most prevalent thing. The only really annoying thing about this show was the youngest daughter Chrissy. She was a bit of a know it all, but besides her-the rest of the children fit perfectly well . Mike was the classic 80's prankster; always up to some scheme or another (in the tradition of Ferris Bueller, Alex Keaton and other 80's sons). Tracee Gold, again, was perfect as the older/bossy sister and the middle brother was a great smart alec. Even watching episodes these days, in reruns, I'm still entertained by this family.
  • What a great show!!

    This is a very funny show. The characters were really good for their parts. Everything is really good. Every episode managed to get a laugh out of someone, while focusing on a different subject everytime. Some subjects are more serious than others, but it was still a great show! It is definitely a clean, funny show, that should be brought back. They have already made 2 great reunion movies. It is a show that you could look forward to watching with everyone. Though, it still airs in reruns, it should be brought back with new storylines. It is a show that is and always be really funny!!
  • A family with 2 parents and 3 kids goes through the trials and tribulations of life with laughs along the way.

    I loved this show when I started watching it when it was on nick at nite a long time ago and I love it even more now. I am so happy that growing pains is back on television. I adore this show and all the characters. It makes me laugh and it can make me cry. The theme song is awesome. I sing to it every time it comes on and then I listen to it about 3 more times on the internet. Mike is so funny, carol is smart and has an endearing quality to her, and Ben is the funny little brother. I love this show.
  • Show me that smile agian

    Growing Pains is probably one of the best Television shows from the late 80’s. It focused on the Seaver family that consisted of Jason (Father) he was psychiatrist, Maggie (mother) old news anchor / journalist stay at home mom their three Children: Mike(14 or 15), Carol(13 or 14) and Ben(9 or 10)

    The show was about family that had problems just like everybody else, and how that family grew and changed over the years, in season 4 Carol gave birth to Chrissie. During season one Jason brought his practice home, so that Maggie could go back to work. Viewers saw Mike go from a care free, irresponsible teenager to a responsible young man. Carol was pretty much brainy all the time, but learned how to let her hair down. Ben became a teenager but he was always in the footsteps of his older once rebellious brother.

    I suppose to give the show something more, though Chrissie was born at the start of season 4, by season 6 she was 6 years old

    Though the show had its funnier moments it also had more serious moments, one I remember clearly is when Carol’s boyfriend Sandy died, it was so heart wrenching. Who can remember when Mike started a fling with Chrissie's nanny.

    Leonardo DiCapprio was brought in the shows last season I guess to give some more spice to the show.

    I’d recommend this show to anyone, since the series came to an end in 1992, there have been two reunion movies (2000 and 2004), though I would much recommended the first movie
  • Takes me back to the 80s!

    The eighties were a great decade and that wished that we all can go back to that decade of youth. And decade where all innocence were there. It starred Canadian Alan Thicke as a father of three with Joanna Kearns as Maggie, his loving and understanding wife. Kirk Cameron as the fun-loving prankster son Mike, the oldest of the three. Tracey Gold as brainy Carol, who would leave in the end of the show to deal with her real-life anoxeria. And Jeremy Miller as equally prankster son Ben. The show brings back a lot of childhood and wished that we could have parents like that. As I grew up in a family of three. The youngest of an older sister and brother.
  • For all Time the best TV Show. French website of the TV serie :

    Excellent !!! What a great TV serie ! Thanks a lot for unbeleavables moments to Alan, Joanna, Kirk, Travey, Jeremy and Ashley and the others actors. We'll love You for ever ! :)
    Need NOW the Growing Pains Saison 2 in DVD !!!! :)
    We have a great pleasure to see all yours adventures in the first season, but now, we are wating for the NEXT ! How much time before the release ! It's too long ! I hope that the Warner will hear all the fans ! Growing pains for ever, growing pains rules the TV !

    French web site :
  • This is the best show on Earth.

    Terrific program! Ahhhhhhhhh! I´m gona die if you keep trashing it! What´s wrong with you people?! It´s really underrated, having an avg. score of 8.6?! And it keeps decreasing!!! At least 9.0, the minimum. It is better than ANY show. I´m really dissapointed of you Americans. All my family loved it.
    It was amazing, of the best to ever happen on TV. It was a unique show with a great humor. And also the funniest sitcom. Anyways, it was so funny and cleverly made. Jason Seaver, being the father was the most important character on the show. He was psychiatric, who works in home. He was vey funny and a great father.
    There´s also Maggie Seaver, the mom. She was a good mother, you know the usual role of a mother.
    Mike Seaver, who takes all the credits of the show. Kirk Cameron. Well, he was the funniest. With a Great personality.
    Carol Seaver, the smart of the family. She was very funny, and kinda nerd.
    Benjamin Seaver, he started with the role of a silly little brother, like Mike at his ages. Also there was other characters.
    Growing pains was a masterpiece. I´m still not getting enough of this.
    It develops with a long from 1985-1992. Eight years in the life of the Seavers. They grew, all the characters got older, and dealt with life. The adolescence, the childhood, and the way to beacame to the adult age.
    Think whatever you want rare people, I think this.
    What an excellent show is GROWING PAINS!
  • this show is really good

    wow it been like 10 years ago since i saw this show i came to usa in 1992 and when i watch disney channel for the first this show was on it. i come home from school and watch this show air at 3pm or something and then a reapet at night. now i want to this show again on tv how it was in the old times. this show is so funny and cool and it a great family show. tell us how to grow up on things and stuff. that why the call it growing pains
  • i love this show!

    this show rox my sox!Ben just so happens to be my favourite character!my favourite episode was when Ben got tonsilitis and he has to go for surgery it was so funny!...and the time when somebody robbed the seavers..i found that funny too!well i have not much to say but this show is cool!
  • bring it back please........

    If you compar me as a person to this show you would see no conection but my life and this show is so connected like iremember watching ths on disney and laughing and sighing maybe the occasional crying but thats how real it was my favorite episode was the whole series because like i know it's a different show different race and all but it reminds me of fammily matters lol but no lie like the plots messages and every thing are so similar but then again my opion lolbut yeah i've seen the finaly it was aight but it didn't cover the whole show you know what i mean?
  • A great show that was a must see for kids growing up in the 80's

    Growing up in the 80's a kid watched among other things, Growing Pains and Who's the Boss.... Guys wanted to be like Mike (hmm is that wehere They got that for Jordon?) and loved Samanatha, and the girls Loved Mike and wated to be friends with Sam...
    Aylssa Milano and Kirk Cameron were two of the biggest kids stars of the 80's and unlike many childhood actors they did not fall to drugs and alcohol. In fact Kirk is heavly into religion these days and has his own website about his religion and Alyssa is still a hugh Actress on TV. Growing pains for me was just like real life in that I had friends like Mikes and a friend with a family pretty close to his tv family. It was just a refreshing show that kids today can't appreciate but kids back then loved.
  • What a great old comedy. This show should come back and teach some lessons to today's youth.

    What a great old comedy. This show should come back and teach some lessons to today's youth. Alan Thicke not only stared in the show as Dr. Jason Roland Seaver, but also wrote the theme song. he has written many TV theme songs over the years. His wife Maggie was played by Joanna Kerns. She is also the sister of an Olympic swimmer. the two kids that were the biggest stars were Kirk Cameron who played Mike and Tracey Gold who played Carol. Leonardo DiCaprio also had a small role on the show. The show was very funny and everything worked really well.

  • Another great 1980's family comedy.

    What a great old family comedy. This show should come back and teach some lessons to today's younger generation. Alan Thicke not only stared in the show as Dr. Jason Roland Seaver, but also wrote the theme song. He has written many TV theme songs over the years. His wife Maggie was played by Joanna Kerns. She is also the sister of an Olympic swimmer. the two kids that were the biggest stars were Kirk Cameron who played Mike and Tracey Gold who played Carol. Tracey later had a well publicized eating disorder but i think she got help and is fine today.Leonardo DiCaprio also had a small role on the show. The show was very funny and everything worked really well. A very, very funny show. It is worth your time to watch.
  • so funny

    One of the best shows from the 80's
    Admit it- everyone back then loved Kirk Cameron!
    The whole show covered everything! Kind of like a modern day 1/2 hr epi of 7th Heaven- but much more funny, even though it had serious parts. I loved this show. The Cosby show was right up there with it!
  • Growing nice stuff...

    I used to love watching Growing Pains, I watched all the show, like no other show, I just love Joanna Kern's character. Ben is the best, his life was full of weird and strange things, however, his jokes were the best ones. I miss this family so much. They're awesome...
  • Mike always in trouble, carol the nagging, pain in the butt sister and Ben the tag along, copy-cat brother is what it's all about. But of course there is Maggie and jason Seaver, the caring and loving parents everyone wishes they could have.

    I used to watch it religiously after school when I was younger and it became one of my most favorite sitcoms. One season is out, I have it and I hope they keep coming out. A classic and a must own set. Mike always gives me laughs and the drama and problems that occur are similar to what occurs in reality. I highly suggest this show.
  • Top of the 80's!

    One of the best shows from the 80's
    Admit it- everyone back then loved Kirk Cameron!
    The whole show covered everything! Kind of like a modern day 1/2 hr epi of 7th Heaven- but much more funny, even though it had serious parts. I loved this show. The Cosby show was right up there with it!
  • Wow....

    Wow, what can i say? This show made me think of my own family. Everyone had the bad boy (Mike), smart girl(Carol), and the kid that does nothing(Ben, and later Crissy). The show never failed to make me laugh. I remember watching the show on ABC, Disney, and then ABC Family. It was very funny. I loked how they show went over the years and you could see how the family changed. how they got smarter.
  • A show that always made you laugh!

    I cannot believe that people are trashing this show. I loved this show when I was growing up. I watch reruns of it now on the ABC Family Channel and I still love it.

    The show originally centered around upper class parent Maggie and Jason Seaver and their pains raising three kids: Mike, Carol, and Ben.

    Mike was the fast-talking underachiever who was always trying to scheme people. Carol was the brainy overachiever and basically the exact opposite of Mike. Ben, well, was just there. He wasn't as outgoing as Mike and wasn't as smart as Carol. He didn't really do anything special.

    As the show went on, Mike (Kirk Cameron) quickly became the star of the show. Some of the schemes he tried to pull were hilarious. I remember one episode where he indirectly ran a money pyramid scheme with a paper route.

    As the shows ratings began to fall, they began to bring new characters to breathe new life. Maggie gave birth to Chrissy in the third season. I remember during one of the summer hiatuses, she mysteriously aged like 5 years. They also brought in Luke (Leonardo DiCaprio) as a homeless kid that the Seavers adopt for a season and Dwight as Carol's weirdo boyfriend.

    In the later years, I thought the show was still very entertaining. You got to see Mike go from being an irresponsible teen to a very responsible adult. While the show dealt with many serious subjects, it never really took itself too seriously.

    I would highly recommend this show to anyone who didn't grow up in the 1980s. They just don't make many shows like "Growing Pains" anymore.

  • This show is and was wonderful. Bring it back!!

    This show is and was wonderful. Bring it back!! Today, I was watching E! true hollywood story.. I was disappointed to find out that the writers quit after false accusations. I miss this show so much, and I grew up watching this. This is one of my all time favorite shows.

    I think that the reunion specials are boring.. I want to see this who come back for good.. maybe when the three kids have children themselves or something along those lines. I miss watching this amazing show.. and I know a lot of other people feel the same way. Bring Back Growing Pains, Please!
  • A perfect family

    A perfect family as I know, a family I was longing to have, but now, I am going to build my own like Seavers. The drama takes people to think more about life and family. When you really need help, family is there for you. I got good parents, and will be a good dad and build my own perfect family now. I think this drama is successful, not only it got a lot of people to enjoy it, but a lot of people are trying to learn from it and get a better life, a better relation, a stronger family tie through watching this beautiful family drama.
    As their song below,

    Show me that smile again, (Oh, show me that smile)
    Don't waste another minute on your cryin',
    We're nowhere near the end (We're no where near)
    The best is ready to begin.
    As long as we've got each other,
    We got the world spinnin' right in our hands,
    Baby you and me, we gotta be,
    The luckiest dreamers who never keep dreaming.
    As long as we keep on givin'
    We can take anything that comes our way
    Baby, rain or shine
    All the time
    We got each other
    Sharin' the laughter and love
  • Growing (Pains) up with this show

    I grew up watching this amazing show (as I was an 80s / 90s kid myself). The show was always hilarious and showed a family who always stuck together through the bad times and the good. There was weird episodes [like the time Ben wound up in a different universe, where he was an actor playing himself - or a Halloween episode where characters poured coffee down their pants]. There was emotional episodes [in one episode Carol's boyfriend (played by Matthew Perry) died after a drink driving accident]. You never knew what to expect from each episode but it was always enjoyable to watch. One of the best shows of the 1980s - early 1990s in my opinion.
  • It's just amazing!

    I've been watching reruns of this show on the ontario network CTS since fall 2001 and at this point I'm seeing every episode for the 7th (?) time. I've grown familiar with every character and almost every episode, this show is awesome. It's corny at times but you really gotta love the whole concept of it, no wonder it lasted for such a successful 7 years. There's even recognizable now-big-name guest stars at times, such as Brad Pitt and Matthew Perry. It's funny, wholesome, and an all-around great classic sitcom.
  • Growing Pains was about a family of five who lived on Long Island, New York. Jason Seaver, a psychiatrist, who had his practice at home. Maggie, his wife, was a journalist who worked for the Long Island newspaper and later got a job as the news anchor.

    I use to watch this show everyday pretty much or when it came on and I caught it on television. The series was about a family that went though everyday issues ans sometimes non-everyday issues. Anyway, this movie was good for the whole family to watch and I think it use to air on Disney Channel. I am glad I was able to watch this series. If anybody go looking for this series then all the luck to you. I can not wait until they air another old series because it might being it back on the television like some shows I heard about.
  • Another Tv family better than yours.

    I think that if it wasn't for Mike Seaver, this show would have been simply good, but with his help, it is one of the best sitcoms ever. I am not saying the rest of the characters are boring, they are very special too, but Mike Seaver is the engne that keeps this show running. Most of the episodes revolve around him and his unusual ways of dealing with life issues. I also like Ben Seaver a lot and i feel more related to him. The whole family has that special touch that makes it go far beyond other sitcoms. To me it is the family many people would hav eliked to be part of.
  • A show I used to love watching, and probably always will!!

    Since buying the first season on DVD, I have come to the conclusion that my obsession with family stems from growing up watching all those family sitcoms where everyone was close. Growing Pains is without a doubt my favorite family sitcom.

    Everybody loved Mike Seaver, the "bad boy" who wasn't really all that bad, played by the adorable Kirk Cameron. I'd forgotten how funny Jason could be. I actually loved every single character on this show. They were well developed, well written, and well acted. I hope the rest of the seasons get put out on DVD soon, because I will buy them all up!
  • Great show.

    Growing Pains was my favorite show when it was on the air. Bring it Back. Even if it is just repeats. I want to see it again. Well anyway, the show is about a family (Seaver's) and their problems growning up. Mr. and Mrs. Seaver had four children. The show tells about there life growing up. This show is a comedy and also a drama for when the emotional parts are. Babies are born and people do die in this show, but that is like everyones life. Growing Pains is an amazing show. Watch when it comes on, you will like it. I really hope it will come back on soon.
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