Growing Pains

ABC (ended 1992)





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  • This is the best show on Earth.

    Terrific program! Ahhhhhhhhh! I´m gona die if you keep trashing it! What´s wrong with you people?! It´s really underrated, having an avg. score of 8.6?! And it keeps decreasing!!! At least 9.0, the minimum. It is better than ANY show. I´m really dissapointed of you Americans. All my family loved it.
    It was amazing, of the best to ever happen on TV. It was a unique show with a great humor. And also the funniest sitcom. Anyways, it was so funny and cleverly made. Jason Seaver, being the father was the most important character on the show. He was psychiatric, who works in home. He was vey funny and a great father.
    There´s also Maggie Seaver, the mom. She was a good mother, you know the usual role of a mother.
    Mike Seaver, who takes all the credits of the show. Kirk Cameron. Well, he was the funniest. With a Great personality.
    Carol Seaver, the smart of the family. She was very funny, and kinda nerd.
    Benjamin Seaver, he started with the role of a silly little brother, like Mike at his ages. Also there was other characters.
    Growing pains was a masterpiece. I´m still not getting enough of this.
    It develops with a long from 1985-1992. Eight years in the life of the Seavers. They grew, all the characters got older, and dealt with life. The adolescence, the childhood, and the way to beacame to the adult age.
    Think whatever you want rare people, I think this.
    What an excellent show is GROWING PAINS!