Growing Pains

ABC (ended 1992)





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  • "Groin Pains" thats what some guy I used to know called it. Could never say the W and the G.

    It was a decent show and I did watch it up until the very end but looking back it was kind of a cookie cutter 80s sitcom family. The blow dried 80s Professional Dad, the somewhat hot Mom with poofy 80s hair, the studly older brother who strutted around trying to score, the attractive somewhat younger sister whom the older brother always fought with and a younger wisecracking sibling. It was basically alot like Family Ties except the parents werent aging hippies and the younger sibling was a boy instead of a girl.

    Reruns of this show recently began and I watched a few. I was left with a feeling like I had just been to the dentist and spent 30 minutes reading a magazine. It seemed better when I originally watched it during the late 80s.