Growing Pains

Season 6 Episode 3

Roommates (3)

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1990 on ABC



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    • Mike: At least Mom and Dad gave you a blank check when they threw you out.
      Carol: Correction—they threw you out. I was just merely demonstrating my independence.
      Mike: Oh, oh, I see. So you were so tired of commuting among these perverts that you decided to move into the city to be closer to them. Good plan, Carol.

    • Agnes: (renting out apartment) Now, I got a few rules. No drugs. No cloven-hoofed pets. And no Bee Gees music.

    • Carol: There is a bedroom, right?
      Agnes: Through the bathroom, dear. Right past the combination shower-toilet.

    • (Agnes thinks Mike and Carol are married)
      Carol: Against my better judgement, I'll give it a shot. But I have some rules of my own. I get the bed. None of your sleazy women are welcome and even if one of your oily friends hits on me, I'm gone.
      Agnes: I like a woman who keeps her husband on a short leash!

    • Kate: (after confusing Columbia University with Colombia) I think you're right. It isn't South America.
      Ed: Of course it isn't South America, lug nut!!!
      Kate: Now, Ed, remember, when you yell, you get flatulent.
      Ed: Nice of you to embarrass me.
      Jason: It's not news, Ed.

    • Karl: Spare me your proletarian banalities!
      Carol: I have got to tell you people how wonderful it is to be able to share these complex thoughts with someone.
      Karl: Well, I thought you lived with your brother.
      Carol: I do. But with him, I have to speak slowly and use one-syllable words.

    • Ed Malone: You know, if Carol and Mike were my kids, I'd drive down into that city, grab them both by the scruff of the neck, shove them in the back of the van, bring them home, lock them in the basement without any food until they wised up!
      Kate Malone: That's because you're a loving father.

    • Carol: My whining wasn't about the commute. What I really thirsted for was freedom. Tonight I let that blessed liquid flow o'er me, coursing its way to my very soul.
      Mike: Hey, look, if you're not gonna make any sense, then I'll take the bedroom.
      Carol: And I'll take Manhattan. Hey, Miss Liberty. Hand me that torch!

    • Carol: Listen to yourself! Do you know what you sound like?
      Mike: Yeah, I do, Carol. I sound like a guy who's got some sense of a little responsibility, you know? And someone who cares about you even if you don't have the sense to see that... God, I sound like Dad! Oh, Carol, I've snapped! I have no reason to live!

    • Carol: Nietzsche says, "That which does not destroy us makes us stronger."
      Mike: Yeah, well, Kenny Rogers says, "You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em."

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