Growing Pains

Season 4 Episode 20

Second Chance

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 1989 on ABC
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Second Chance
Carol's boyfriend, Sandy, lands in the hospital after he gets into an accident while driving drunk. Ben pesters Carol with a videocamera.

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  • One of the best episodes in the series - excellent balance of emotion, but still keeping that comedy in.

    Every single time I get to see this episode, I cry. Carol's boyfriend gets in a car accident after drunk driving. After she goes to see him at the hospital and they talk about the accident, she tells him that he is lucky for this second chance in life. When she gets home, Mike is waiting and tells her that Sandy has passed away from internal hemorrhaging. Carol is shocked as she has just spoken to him and was elated that he was feeling better...the episode ends with her asking, "What happened to his second chance?" Tracey Gold does some beautiful acting in last minutes of the episode - she goes through denial, anger and grief all in just a few minutes and she plays each one to perfection. Kirk Cameron also does a fine job playing the somber brother with some bad news...and not quite knowing how to relay it. The family coming together at the end tugs at heart strings. This was one of the best episodes in the Growing Pains series - teaches a serious life lesson, deals with grief and death but still throws a little comedy in to make it a little lighter. I also like that they don't just forget this happened to Carol - they do deal with it in later episodes when she is reluctant to date. Classically great television - there should be more shows like this one!moreless
  • Carol is in complete shock and disbelief that her boyfriend Sandy has died. At first, Carol doesn't believe her family and says they are lying and that Sandy can't be dead because she just saw him. This episode broke my heart - so much emotion!moreless

    So many tears! When I first saw this episode I thought Sandy was going to live and was SHOCKED when he ended up dying - Tracy was wonderful in portraying the emotion of losing her love in such a tragic way. Haven't seen this episode in years but still get choked up thinking about it. One of the best episodes. I can still envision Carol sobbing in the arms of her family (which I really liked because Mike was included even though Mike and Carol were always fighting it showed how much he knew she needed the comfort of family).moreless
  • Sandy ends up in the hospital after a drunk driving crash. After a visit with Sandy, Carol comes home to find out Sandy just died from internal bleeding.

    Sandy ends up in the hospital after a drunk driving crash. After a visit with Sandy, Carol comes home to find out Sandy just died from internal bleeding. It does not matter how many times I watch this episode, I still end up bawling like a baby. Tracy Gold does a great job making you believe that she was truly in love. And we learn an important lesson about drinking and driving.moreless
Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry


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David Coburn

David Coburn


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Marianne Muellerleile

Marianne Muellerleile

Nurse Bauer

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Kelsey Dohring

Kelsey Dohring

Chrissy Seaver

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Kirsten Dohring

Kirsten Dohring

Chrissy Seaver

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    • Carol: What happened last night?
      Sandy: Well, this big tree ran right out in front of me. And I'm gonna be charged with drunk driving.

    • Carol: Is there any chance that the phone just might be broken?
      Jason: I don't think so. I can call the phone company and check.
      Carol: No! Sandy might call and get a busy signal.
      Jason: Honey, we have call waiting.
      Carol: Well, not if the phone is broken!
      Jason: And we won't find out if I don't call!

    • Jason: We were having a nice brunch at a nice restaurant and we were all eating. That noise was totally inappropriate.
      Ben: Well, in some countries, it's considered the highest compliment.
      Mike: Yeah, well, find out where and go there.

    • Carol: Do you guys know everything we do?
      Maggie: Mike trained us very well.

    • Jason: Go ahead, Sandy. Take my daughter anywhere, do anything. Enjoy!
      Sandy: Wow, thanks!
      Jason: I was kidding.
      Sandy: And so was I, sir.

    • Carol: Sandy is not my boyfriend.
      Maggie: He's not?
      Jason: Well, but from the amount of time you've been spending with—
      Carol: He has never said that I'm his girlfriend, so I'm not gonna say that if he's my boyfriend first. I mean, if he hears that I think he's my boyfriend, and he doesn't think that I should think that I'm his girlfriend, I'd sound pretty silly, wouldn't I?

    • (after making out)
      Sandy: Mike was wrong.
      Carol: What?
      Sandy: At midnight you turn into a sex maniac.

    • Carol: You know, I've never been to a college party before.
      Sandy: Oh, they're not much different from high school ones—just more people with facial hair.
      Carol: Guys.
      Sandy: If you're lucky.

    • Carol: Well, you don't look so bad.
      Sandy: Uh, to tell you the truth, I don't feel so hot. I got so many tubes and wires in me, I get HBO now.

    • Carol: Mom, I know I've liked other boys before, but it's never been like this. I mean, I thought it was like this, but now I just see I was being a... a silly teenager.
      Maggie: And now you're a...
      Carol: Mature teenager.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Originally, this episode ended with an epilogue or tag scene. The scene showed the outside of The Seavers' house at night, with lights on. Superimposed were the text:

      "While you've been watching this program, here is the number of people who've been killed in drunk driving related accidents: 29." None of the actors appeared in this scene.

      The segment is missing from most syndicated prints of this episode

    • The role of Chrissy was uncredited.

    • Prior to appearing on Growing Pains, Matthew Perry was in a TV show called Second Chance, the name of this episode.