Growing Pains

Season 1 Episode 16

Slice of Life II

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1986 on ABC
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Mike breaks a window riding his skateboard inside the house. He makes a deal with Ben that if he takes the blame, Mike will be his butler for the entire weekend. Jason is in a horrible mood because of the magazine article he is writing. Because of this, Maggie is timid about tell him that she might be pregnant.moreless

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      • Ben: Mike, what do you think you're doing?
        Mike: I'm revolting!
        Ben: No argument there!
        Mike: Why you little--
        (Jason exits his office and watches Ben and Mike from behind)
        Ben: I'm gonna tell Dad you broke the window!
        Mike: I'm gonna tell Dad you're blackmailing me, you little gangster!
        Ben: Dad's gonna ground you!
        Mike: Dad's gonna ground you and spank you!
        Jason: Hold it right there, you two! (he holds up a Polaroid camera) You boys look so cute, I gotta take your picture.

      • Richie: Carol, you gotta come back. I can't make it alone on my budget.
        Carol: Hey, you've got just as much money as I do.
        Richie: I've got all 11 kids! We live in a shack! All we have to eat is fish food!
        Carol: Richie, I think you're getting a little carried away.
        Richie: I think I'm entitled to get a little carried away for my $60.
        Carol: What are you talking about?
        Richie: That's what I had to pay to get you as a partner.
        Carol: Richie, that's crazy. That's a lot of money!
        Richie: Money isn't everything, Carol. I would've paid $600 if that's what it took.
        Carol: That's the sweetest, most borderline psychotic thing anyone's ever said to me.
        Richie: Hey, that's just the kind of guy I am.

      • Maggie: Gosh, look at this picture of the kids. Mike must've been about eight years old. Wasn't he a cutie pie?
        Jason: I believe the word his second grade teacher used was "devil boy."
        Maggie: Oh, come on, he sent her a card in the hospital.

      • Maggie: Now, what did I say about disturbing your father this weekend?
        Carol: Well, in a nutshell, you told us not to.
        Maggie: And what happens if you do?
        Ben: You'd hang us by our thumbs in the basement.
        Maggie: That's right. Now get me the rope.

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