Growing Pains

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1985 on ABC
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Maggie gets very upset when Carol has boy problems and wants to talk to Jason instead of her. Meanwhile, Mike concocts a scheme to avoid admitting that a dog he was taking care of has run away.

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      • Jason: Mike, get that rabid animal out of here!
        Mike: Come on, Dad. Stuart's not rabid. He's... peppy.
        Jason: Mike, animals that live off human toes are not "peppy."

      • Jason: Well, since when did you believe everything Melissa says she heard?
        Carol: Well, she does make you wonder sometimes. I mean, she swore she saw Mick Jagger at JCPenney's last week.
        Jason: Well, they did have that big sale in Home Furnishings.

      • Wendy: I hope Stuart wasn't too much trouble for you.
        Jason: Stuart, no, no. No, no. Once we started feeding him the neighbors' children, we hardly knew he was here.

      • Jason: Ben?
        Ben: Yeah, Dad?
        Jason: What did Mike do to Stuart?
        Ben: The truth, Dad?
        Jason: Yeah, Ben.
        Ben: Mike didn't do anything to Stuart. Bye, Dad. (runs away)

      • Wendy: But this dog changes colors when he gets wet. Stuart would never do that.
        Jason: Mike...
        Mike: Uh, you know, there's an article about this in the paper. They're saying pets are changing colors left and right now. It's that acid rain, you know.
        Jason: Mike, look...
        Mike: Uh, there's a schnauzer in Cincinnati that turned purple.
        Jason: Mike!
        Mike: They say it's perfectly normal.

      • Mike: Wendy, I would have told you the truth, but then I asked myself, 'What is truth?' Is it honesty? Or is it pain and grieving? Or is it the smile on a beautiful girl's face? I guess you know what I think the truth is.

      • Jason: You took a white dog and you dyed him black.
        Mike: Hey, when somebody leaves a black dog with Mike Seaver, they get a black dog back.

      • Jason: Maggie, I tried to include you...
        Maggie: Oh, don't patronize me, Jason. Throwing me a bone, calling me an old pro. Maybe in a few years, you can bring me back for Old-Timers' Day.

      • Jason: You know, Maggie, uh, I was at work when Ben took his first step, and when Carol spoke her first sentence, and when Mike... committed his first illegal act. I missed out on all that.

      • Jason: How was your vacation?
        Wendy: Oh, it was great. First we went to Europe and then we went to France.

      • (Mike's girlfriend's dog has run away)
        Mike: What's the matter, Ben? Don't you recognize your old pal, Stuart?
        Ben: Mike, Stuart is black.
        Mike: So?
        Ben: This dog is white.
        Mike: So?
        Ben: So, I think that's a noticeable difference.
        Mike: Look, Ben. You gotta help me. Stuart ran away.
        Ben: Wendy's going to kill you!
        Mike: Not if she doesn't find out.
        Ben: Mike, even one of your girlfriends has a shot at remembering the color of her own dog.

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