Growing Pains

Season 5 Episode 24

Weekend at Mike's

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1990 on ABC
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With their house being fumigated and credit cards unusable due to a mixup, the Seavers cram into Mike's apartment for an uncomfortable night.

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    Bonnie Urseth

    Bonnie Urseth


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    Jerry Vale


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    Bill Erwin

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    Jane Powell

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    Betty McGuire

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      • Maggie: Maybe you didn't take your wallet with you.
        Jason: Maggie, I know I had it with me. I could feel my bulge when I was talking to that woman in cosmetics.

      • Jason: I'm tellin ya, somebody lifted my wallet!
        Mike: You mean they cut the chain that you had hooked to it?
        Jason: I did that once! One time while waterskiing and you won't let me forget it.

      • Maggie: Carol, you haven't seen your father's wallet, have you?
        Carol: No, did you frisk Mike?
        Maggie: That's a thought.

      • Jason: (talking on telephone) Alright, so how come in your TV commercials, the claims adjuster is there writing a check before the dust even settles? What are you laughing at? Look, pal, I'm telling you, my daughter just came crashing through the ceiling. She could have been hurt. No, she's not a large girl!

      • Lloyd: If you need an exterminator, I have someone I can recommend. (hands Maggie a business card)
        Maggie: But, but this is you!
        Lloyd: By God, it is! How can I help you?
        Jason: I thought you were a handyman.
        Lloyd: I've obviously never worked for you before.

      • Maggie: So, how many termites?
        Lloyd: Well, I hope a lot. Because if it's one, we'd better run for our lives. (laughs)

      • Jason: What's all this going to cost?
        Lloyd: Well, it's hard to say. But it is the weekend. (wipes his forehead with a dollar bill)
        Jason: Alright, thank you. We'll call you.
        Lloyd: Yeah, that's a wise choice. You just check on a cheaper price while the termites floss!

      • Jason: Maggie, don't look at me like that! I did what I had to. I had to call and cancel the cards. Some goofball could be on a wild spending spree!
        Maggie: On a card with a 100 dollar limit?
        Jason: 250!

      • Tanya: (still cheery) Uh oh!
        Carol: "Uh oh," what?
        Tanya: When we lie down with pigs, we come up smelling like garbage. (cuts up card)
        Maggie: What???
        Tanya: Same account number.
        Maggie: I am not a crook!
        Tanya: And where have we heard that before?

      • Mike: Dad, do you have any idea what you just walked into?
        Jason: Yes, a structure that I believe I own and can double the rent on at a moment's notice!

      • Kate: You are so cute when you're frustrated!
        Mike: I must be stinkin' gorgeous right now.

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