Growing Pains

Season 1 Episode 7

Weekend Fantasy

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1985 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Jason is talking on the phone with the police officer, you'll notice the address he says: "15 Robin Lane". In later episodes, the Seavers' address is fixed at 15 Robin HOOD Lane.

  • Quotes

    • Mike (reading to Carol and Ben in a comically-exaggerated English accent): Chapter One. My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip.
      Mike (still mimicking the accent): I'll get it!
      Ben: Aww, man... and I was just getting into it!

    • Ben: And then she pulled out the vacation slides --- they went EVERYWHERE!
      Maggie: But we called at ten o'clock, Mike... where were you then?
      Mike: Norway!
      Ben (a bit wearily): Something to bear in mind, Mom... if you've seen one fjord, you've seen 'em all...

    • Jason: Now, Mike --- here's $100. I'm depending on you to look after things here while we're gone.
      Mike: (in pleased surprise) Well, I was gonna do this for nothing, but.. thanks!
      Jason: (a bit sternly) This is for EMERGENCY USE only.
      Mike: (mischievously) Right... like if we have emergency DATES? (pulling his hand back quickly as Jason makes a snatch for the $100 bill again) Just kidding, Dad!

    • (In Maggie's imagination, Mike is setting up the LP gas grill in the kitchen to cook hamburgers. He turns on the grill, and then a few seconds later there is a big explosion, and great clouds of smoke billow out through the kitchen door. )
      Ben: Aw, c'mon, Mike... I wanted mine done rare!

    • Ben: I wanna be a BARTENDER!
      Carol: I could be a waitress!
      Bar employee: You got it, toots!

    • Carol: I can understand how Mike, being our senior, would have a certain authority, just as long as Ben and I have---
      Ben: Baseball bats!

    • Bar employee: Heyyyy, Mike! Long time, buddy! (turning to Carol and Ben) Yo! You dudes got some I.D.?
      Mike (holding up his parents' fan-fold card wallet and letting the entire long strip flutter out): Here you are, my man!
      Bar employee: Fine... fine. (looking at Carol's smooth youthful features, then checking the age on one of Maggie's cards again) Age 49, huh? Hmm... looks good to me. (turning to Ben and glancing casually at Jason's military service card) 'Nam, huh?
      Ben: Yep.
      Bar employee: How was it?
      Ben: It was Hell!

    • Male police officer (to Mike): Thanks for keeping things interesting around here, eh?

    • Encyclopedia Salesman: Can anyone here tell me who manufactured the first sub-machine gun? No? THOMPSON. This is a THOMPSON sub-machine gun. Which is a fact you would already know --- IF you had bought a set of my encyclopedias! I tried so hard to express how important knowledge is! But would your parents listen? No... they couldn't be bothered! They were too busy... LAUGHING at me! The whole world... LAUGHS at me!
      Ben: Why don't you take a job as a comedian?

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