Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 4

Attack of the Wasp Zombies / Legend of the Locker

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 14, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

Episode Recap

Attack of the Wasp Zombies: Dr. Pappas demonstrates how the Malaysian Wasp catches its prey. After class is over with, Budge accidentally breaks the glass holding the wasp and it hypnotizes him. Meanwhile Chris-Alice is preparing for karaoke. She asks Creepie to do a sound check for her and Gnat swarms around the microphone and makes a noise that it really irritating. Soon afterwards, the wasp hypnotizes everyone in school except Creepie. Creepie has no idea what is going on and why everyone is acting weird. After the hypnotized kids leave with all the syrup, they begin to feed it to the wasp and her children. They spot Creepie and go after her. Creepie remembers Gnat's irritating sound that he made in the microphone and she has to the sound again. It works for a little while, but it still is not strong enough to dehypnotize everyone. So, she decides to screech into the microphone while Gnat buzzes into it. The wasp explodes and so do the nests holding the babies and everyone is back to normal. Legend of the Locker: John has always wanted to break the record for most Home Run Hits in School. When he comes close to breaking the record, Creepie somehow catches the ball and crushes his attempt to break the record. Furious, he volunteers Creepie and Chris-Alice to put the equipment up in the equipment room. But to scare them, he tells the legend of Gina Redshoes. Chris-Alice dismisses the story as rubbish and takes Creepie with her to the equipment room. There, things happen mysteriously and they run out. Creepie finds out John is behind it all and decides to scare him back. Next day at practice, she volunteers John to go to the equipment room. He does not believe the stuff at first. But when Gina's shoes approach him, he freaks out and runs out of the room. Creepie thanks the bugs that helped her and she goes on her way. At the end, the REAL Gina Redshoes appears and laughs evilly.