Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 3

Bug It On / The Case of the Mysterious Moth

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 23, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

Episode Recap

Bug It On: The Middlington Middle School Cheerleaders have come up with a cheer that will help them win the Cheerleading Competition. A rival cheerleading squad member uses a Dragonfly to spy on their move and steal it. At the competition, the Middlington Cheerleaders are stunned when their cheer is being used by the other team. Chris-Alice turns to Creepie for help. When it is their turn, Creepie leads the Middlington Cheerleaders to a superb comeback and they win. They catch the Dragonfly that spied on them and gave it to Caroleena who ends up eating it. The Case of the Mysterious Moth: Creepie attends her first sleepover. At the party, they play games, do makeovers, and have a pillow fight. Afterwards, they play a ghost story game where they have to tell a story about a certain ghost. When it is Creepie's turn, she gets the Ghost Moth. Carla tells Creepie about the Ghost Moth legend. Back at Dweezwold, Pauly and Gnat are upset when they are missing out on a party. They sneak over to Chris-Alice's house and they hear about the Ghost Moth. They build a fake Ghost Moth to fool the girls so they can get in and eat the pizza. After their plan works, thye go inside and eat the pizza. Creepie comes back after being forcedly moved out of Chris-Alice's house and discovers that Pauly and Gnat were behind the whole thing. Pauly and Gnat run out scared when the real Ghost Moth appears. Creepie makes conversation with the moth and goes home after all the crazy events that happened.
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