Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 3

Bug It On / The Case of the Mysterious Moth

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 23, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids



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  • Quotes

    • Bullfrogs: (doing their new cheer) It may sound cold. It may sound cruel. But you need to learn how big things rule. If you fight us, you'll be slain. You're guzzling in our food chain. There's no doubt we are the winner. Bullfrogs eat dragonflies for dinner. (lights are brightened to make a silhouette of Creepie and the other cheerleaders in their new formation, audience gasps, then cheers wildly)

    • Budge: (to each team mascot as they walk by him) Your team is quacked if you think you can beat the bullfrogs. And your team is nuts if you go up against us. And your team...(pauses when he sees the costume) Nice teeth.

    • Gnat: (after he finds out that the Dragonfly Cheerleaders stole the Bullfrog's cheer) Uh oh. Gnat tell Creepie. Gnat tell Creepie.

    • Creepie: (doing her cheer for the other cheerleaders) Two, four, six, eight. In my web, you'll meet your fate. I'm the spider. Your the fly. Thinks so much for stopping by. Eight, six, four, two. Wind you and bind you is what I'll do. Those who leave my nest are few. You'll never escape. Nice knowing you.

    • Creepie: (to Gnat when she is pulling off of the flypaper) Didn't I tell you that this is a no fly zone?

    • Budge: I wonder if they could use any guys on the team.
      Creepie: You'd look cute in a little sweater.

    • Budge: Isn't it interesting the way their pom poms match the little outfits they're wearing?
      Creepie: I bet their brains match, too. I don't do matching.

  • Notes

    • Creepie gives the dragonfly to her mom as an anniversary present. Caroleena says she'll save it for later impling she would eat it.

    • the moth Creepie talks to said that he once lived at dweezwold and there were no humans when he was around. Creepie invites him for a visit and come by later. he is then seen turning into a ghost at the cemetary meaning he was dead and was summoned by the board game Melanie, Carly, Chris Alice, and Creepie were playing.

    • When Creepie does her cheer, the sky suddenly turns dark and thunder and lightning appear.

    • After Bug It On, Creepie gives out some facts about the Dragonfly. After The Case of the Mysterious Moth, Creepie gives some facts about the moth.

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