Growing Up Creepie

Saturday 12:00 AM on Discovery Channel Kids Premiered Sep 09, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Wanna Bee / The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon
      Wanna Bee: Carla is challenged as the school's "Queen Bee" by a new girl who may be more of a queen bee than she. The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon: Creepie and her friends explore Tiki Island, a jungle paradise, in search of treasure, but some haunted Tiki statues are not making it easy.moreless
    • Creepie Crawling / Fashion Victim
      The story of how a human baby was left on the doorstep of Dweezwold Mansion, taken in by the bugs who lived there, and raised to be a girl named Creepie Creecher. / Creepie is given a makeover against her will and enters the Fashion Forward contest.
    • Creep of the Crop / Creepie Cousin
      Creepie and Chris-Alice go to a nearby farm to investigate mysterious crop circles. / Creepie is left to babysit Chris-Alice's naughty bug-hating cousin.
    • The Return of Tarantula Boy / All The President's Pests
      When Tarantula Boy returns, Creepie learns to appreciate his human side before learning they have more in common than she ever realized. / Chris-Alice's campaign to become school president is disrupted by some angry roaches.
    • Going For Brogue / Yellow Jacket Racket
      When the goth band slated to play the school dance cancels due to its bagpipers going batty, Creepie agrees to learn the so-called "haunted" bagpipes. / Gnat is getting bullied by some hornets in an alley, so Creepie tries to help him defend himself.
    • Rockabye Freakie / Creep of the Deep
      Rockabye Freakie: Creepie reads the baby bugs of Dweezwold the fairy tale of Snow Black and the Four Beetles. Creep of the Deep: During a surfing contest, everyone but Creepie seems to be affected by the Curse of Black Water Beach, haunted by pirates who capsized there many years before.
    • I Was a Teenage Wolfbug / Outta Sight Space Bowl Night
      I Was a Teenage Wolfbug: After drinking a growth formula, Gnat grows to human size and becomes the most popular kid in Creepie's school.

      Outta Sight Space Bowl Night: Creepie is upset that her dad can't participate in a bowling night at the new Space Bowl Lanes.

    • On Thin Ice / Toxic Mutant Millipede
      On Thin Ice: As the kids enjoy fun in the snow, Creepie notices a snowman which seems to be following them around. Toxic Mutant Millipede: Creepie's knowledge of millipedes gives her a strategic advantage when she and Budge get sucked into the virtual "Toxic Mutant Millipede" videogame.
    • Lice Lice Baby / Scorpiophobia
      Lice Lice Baby: When Creepie's headlice cousins visit her school, it's a race against time for Creepie to escape before Monserrate flushes her cousins down the drain!

      Scorpiophobia: Scorpions take over the theater when Creepie and her friends go to see the big summer blockbuster.
    • Children of the Pumpkin Patch / Night of A Thousand Legs
      Children of the Pumpkin Patch: A day of pumpkin picking turns dark when Creepie and her friends end up at an eerie farm where they're haunted by a mysterious scarecrow. Night of A Thousand Legs:On Creepie's first Halloween, her trick-or-treating is interrupted by trying to find Aunt Rose who's on the loose!moreless
    • Nightmare on Locust Lane / The Mummy's Curse
      Nightmare on Locust Lane: Creepie hires Budge to play an "exorcist" to find out if a ghost is haunting Chris-Alice's house. The Mummy's Curse: On a visit to the natural history museum, Creepie and her classmates get lost in the tomb of a mummified pharoah, and only a dung beetle knows the way out.moreless
    • Are You Afraid of the Moths / Revenge of the Water Bug
      Are You Afraid of the Moths: Creepie tells a scary campfire story about giant moth people who snatch away a group of friends, one by one.
      Revenge of the Water Bug: When Ms. Monserrate flushes a water bug down the toilet on the eve of the school's cleanliness inspection, the bug seeks his watery revenge!moreless
    • Creepie and the Candy Factory / The Ice Bug Cometh
      Creepie and the Candy Factory: After Chris-Alice drags Creepie to visit Sweety McSwiss's candy factory, Creepie goes behind the scenes and discovers Sweety's secret.
      The Ice Bug Cometh: After Creepie frees a frozen prehistoric bug from the museum, the icebug has trouble adjusting to the modern world.
  • Season 1