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Know of any songs that remind you of Growing Up Creepie?

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    Hey, here is a place to post any songs that remind you of anything to do with Growing Up Creepie~ Even about Creepie herself if you want! The song doesn't have to perfectly match the story or anything, mine sure don't... I have my own playlist- here's a couple to get you started:

    Scared- by Three Days Grace~ Rock~ Normally, I don't like their music, but this reminds me mildly of someone- maybe Chris Alice- finding out about Creepie bug family and freaking out about it...

    Fully Alive- by Flyleaf~ Metal~ One of my favorite songs- it just reminds me of Creepie- I have no idea why. Also check out the EP version and acoustic.

    I'm So Sick- by Flyleaf~ Metal~ I don't know, I guess the song just sounds like Creepie.

    Bring Me to Life- Evanescence~ Metal~ Reminds me of how Creepie met Skipper- or, actually, more like Creepie finally seeing Budge.

    Raining Blood- By Tori Amos~ A Piano song with Voice~ I am writting a Growing Up Creepie "movie", and this is the song I imagine for the intro.

    -Anyway, those are some from me, personally. Remember, any song you can think of, any style!

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