Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 8

Goth To Have Better Friends / Wax Attacks

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 13, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids

Episode Recap

Goth To Have Better Friends: Every time Creepie says "Hi" to Budge or go near him, he appears jumpy and runs away from her like he is ignoring her. At lunch Creepie becomes friends with Raven, Misery Whispers, and Morpheus. They are obsessed with The Hissing Roaches. Creepie hangs with them instead of Budge and decides their friendship is over with. She reveals to them that the roaches live at her house. They ask her about everything that she knows about the roaches. She invites them over to her house. Creepie takes them to meet the roaches. When they see the roaches, they freak out and run. Budge shows up reveals that he made Creepie a present to celebrate the day they first met. It turns out to be a cu cu clock. They become best friends. The end shows the Hissing Roaches playing on of their songs.

Wax Attacks: At the House of Wax, one of the employees insults the Wax Beetle and ends up getting waxed. Meanwhile, Carla and Melanie try to impress Harry Helby. They walk by Creepie and make fun of her. They get their food and sit down near Harry. Harry walks by sees that Budge is offering to go with Creepie to the House of Wax. Harry grabs to ticket and decides to go with Creepie to the museum. Carla and Melanie are jealous and decide to scare Creepie away from Harry. They go on a brief tour of the museum. They find Carla and Melanie. They scare Harry and the tour guide. Harry appears mad at them. They try again, but they get waxed. Harry goes to get help. Soon, the Wax Beetle shows itself and reveals why he is waxing every bug hater. Creepie finds a solution to his problem. She melts all the wax sculptures and they go back to the eatery. Soon, Carla, Melanie, and everyone who was waxed is at the eatery and they demand food and drinks. In the end, the Wax Beetle and the Museum Guide are busy making wax candles.
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