Growing Up Creepie

Saturday 12:00 AM on Discovery Channel Kids Premiered Sep 09, 2006 In Season





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  • ???????????????????????

    OK, i agree that this show is original, but it isnt that good. I meant the girl is so bad at singing, even Dead Charlotte and Emo were waaaaaaaaaaay better than her. And also, the girl is really creepie. I mean she is supposed to be but i think everyone exept here family and freinds hate her. And also she slept during a scary movie. However, there is some parts i like. There is some Action and Adventure in it, But no crude humor. However i think it is not the worst show on Discovery Kids! (Its kenny the shark). But it deserves a 2.5/10!
  • girl was raised by insects

    Creepie Creature is a girl who was put on the doorstep of a mansion inhabited by insects and subsequently raised by said insects... she attends school with her best friend and... has an interest in insectivorous things because of her situation.. she is not scared of things others are... is quite rational and seems quite sane despite such a bizarre childhood.... the insects taught her to read and such things so i guess it wasnt so weird as one would think... the animation is allright... certainly modern and smooth... its quite an entertaining show... tho a touch predictable and repetitive... allright show i guess
  • A cute goth girl named Creepie who was raised by bugs deals with her everyday life... which is anything but ordinary!

    This is a great show! I really like it. It's funny, original, and most of all highly addictive. Each show has two episode which chronicle the life and times of wonderfully offbeat Creepie Creeture, her bug family, and her friends. This show may be intended for children but as someone in their early twenties I enjoy it just as much. Those of you who fondly remember the cartoon 'Beetlejuice' might like this show. Also, at the end of each episode are some interesting facts about bugs and sometimes other creatures. I keep watching every episode recorded on my DVR, even if I've seen them already. The opening themesong, sung by Samantha Lombardi is very nice. I keep hoping for more episodes, this show is keeping me hooked. I am also hoping for a release of the entire series so far on DVD. That would be, in Creepie's words, WICKED!
  • ...

    this show is about a girl named Creepy. she grew up with a family of bugs. its kinda weird.
    Okay, first of all, the good thing is that this show is really original. who would have thought of making a girl who grew up in a bug family. but she kinda reminds me of Sam from Danny Phantom. anywaym the bad part is there are alot of questions i know can't be answered. Like, don't insects have shorter lifes than humans? So, why is it that Creepy's mother is sill alive? Was Creepy an orphan? Does Creepy's friends know that she lives in a life filled with bugs?
  • I love this show!

    I love cute little gothy things like this, and at the same time it is educating children about bugs and species of different bugs, while at the same time entertaining them with all these crazy antics, i love this show its a personal fave. of mine :D The characters are all very interesting like Creepie for instance who has a praying mantis as a mother and a mosquito as a father, i love her friend Chris Alice, a disguised version of Chrysalis (a butterfly's final stage of development) I love the candy episode where the factory is actually run my robots who are controlled by bugs, it made me laugh alot. I would reccomend this show to anyone who likes bugs or who'd like to learn about them :)
  • Wicked!

    Growing Up Creepie is a show on Discovery Kids is about a girl named Creepie raised by bugs. Creepie was found on the doorstep of Dweezwold mansion which is where the bugs lived. Creepie has thousands of relatives and not one of them human, when she was found as a baby the bugs took her in and raised her. There are 4 bugs that stand out from the rest, Creepie's mom, Caroleena, a praying mantis who is a loving mother that rarely eat family and friends, Creepie's dad, Vinnie, a mosquito who has a dark-apperance of a vampire but is actually a New Age vegan, male mosquitoes don't drink blood. Creepie's 2 brothers are Pauly and Gnat, Pauly is a crazy pill bug who is very playful, Gnat is a zany Wolf-Bug (a species of gnat) who's very energetic and always plays with Pauly. Creepie is different then other people, she doesn't care about style or "what's in" she's pretty outcasted at school, she doesn't care, she got 2 great friends and an awesome family, that's all she needs to be happy. The show is very entertaining and funny, at the same time teaches about bugs. This is an awsome show, I would recamend it.
  • in my web you'll meet your fate.

    i first heard of this show in an issue of disney magazine. i didn't pay attention to it at first but then i tuned in to see what it was about. the first episode i watched was bug it on and i saw creepie's cheer first. i liked it! after that i became hooked and decided to look it up on i thought of things i remerbered from the show and decided to contribute for the first time. this show was the reason i decided to actually use my account and raise my level from 1. now i'm planning on becoming the editor for several person's guides and i still contribute to creepie whenever i can.
  • Wicked! Creepie brings humor back to fans of "dark" animation, and doesn't make it too "Kid-friendly."

    I usually don't watch Discovery Kids. AT ALL. But when I saw "Growing Up Creepie" on the channel guide, I thought "Eh .. Sounds good."

    I am SO GLAD I started watching. Mix a cute girl, a little darkness, and a love of insects, and you've got Creepie. Some of the lyrics in the theme (or the theme itself) may make you thing it's another "Show for girls that most boys like."


    This boy LOVES this show, and it's for both genders.

    What's best (besides the show itself and the humor) is that technically, most Discovery Kids shows seem to force education on you, but NOT here. NOT Creepie. That's another thing I love. The only thing you learn about is a certain bug on the cartoon, and even then she has small, sometimes funny commentary, and then it's gone. Next toon, please.

    Worst Part: The channel itself. Discovery Kids must play at least 10 commercials before going back to the show, and that gets really, REALLY annoying.

    So, if you're into dark humor (Or an Invader ZIM fan,) you'll most likely adore this show. If not .. Creepie's "cute as a bug" (Bad pun,) So watch anyway. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Bugs. In your house. Deal with it.

    You may think Creepie Creecher is a kind of gothic, depressed kid. She's not.

    She's raised by bugs.

    Her adopted mom is a praying mantis, and her adopted dad's a
    mosquito. And everyone else, well, they're the thousands of bug siblings of Creepie's. She has an annoying perky friend named Chris-Alice, and a chubby guy named Budge. Nobody knows her secret about her family. If anyone found out, her "family" would be eating bug spray. Chris-Alice's dad is a bug extirminater. Get the picture?

    It's a bit childish, but funny, nonetheless. If you're not into shows like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, you should probably try to avoid this show.
  • Some people are rasied by Human Parents. Some people claim to be raised by wolves. Creepie Creecher was raised by insects.

    Growing Up Creepie is about a young teenage girl named Creepie Creecher (pronounced "Creapy Creature") who was raised by insects after her human parents orphen her at an abandoned house they may have assumed was owned by wealthy tenants. Little did they know the only tenants in the home had a minimum of six legs.

    Fortunately, thanks to cartoon magic, Creepie managed to grow up as a somewhat normal child despite being a feril child, leaving pleanty of plot holes that may or may not need to be explained.

    Throughout Creepie's youth she adapted a gothic appearance and state of mind. (Remember kids: Anyone can go down to a Hot Topic and look goth. But a true gothic person knows that goth is a state of mind.) As a state of mind, goth could be qualified as creative, stoic, logical, intellegent, curious, and feril. (In Creepie's case, both figurative and literally.) Creepie's character exhibits those qualities.

    Because Creepie was raised by bugs, she has a vast knowledge of insects, which contributes to the educational portion of this show. At the same time, Creepie does not weigh down the audience with an overload of information. Some things are learned during the animation without a longwinded explaination. In one episode, Creepie and a couple of here human companions were locked in a room. When creepie noticed that the bugs were traving an alternate path, she found an escape route and freed here friends.

    Creepie is a welcome fresh breath of air for Discovery Kids considering Discovery Kids has a hard time trying to connect with it's audience. Of course, a nine hour block of "children's reality programming" before there evening block of animated series does not help. Where is Mr. Wizard, guys? Beakman's World? Bill Nye the Science Guy? Oh wait, that's right. Network producers don't care about what people want. They only want shows that are profitable.

    In that case, as much as I like this show, expect Creepie to have an underground fan base as large as here adapted family but be exterminated by the network executives that will more than likely pull the wings off this Creepie but beautiful butterfly.

    If I was a really big fan of this show, I would start my campaign to save it right now, even though it has just emerged from its cocoon.
  • I never even knew what this show was!!!

    Ha! I watched this show while I was baby sitting, and I was thinking, 'oh no, not another one of these shows', but I was wrong! This is actually a pretty decent show!! Creepie is very interesting in a way.
    But of course I've only watched one episode, but that's not the point!!
    All in all, very interesting, and very easy to get hooked to.
  • What's worse then being a teenage girl in middle school? Being a teenage girl in middle school who has been raised by insects, of course. A great show with some interesting twists.

    A show that is deffinately worth a chance. We thought it looked cute, but when we atually saw it we were surprised by the voice talents, the production values, and the writting. Creepie gives a fresh prospective on all the things many of us went through in middel school, most of us felt out of place, awkward, and that we just didn't fit in, well Creepie has that all, was raised by bugs (her mother and father are a praying mantis and a mosquito, her brothers are a pill bug and a gnat) but through that all she just herself and leaves it up to others to come to her conclusions.
  • i love this show so muchh

    the first time i saw this show i knew it was going to be one of the best show that i ever watched . i cant wait till the make more episodes so i can keep watching and watching it this is the only show i\'ve ever seen with some one growing up with bug and live with bugs their whole life it a weird but great show i hope more and more kids watch this its . i have something to watch on saturdays and there will never be another show like this . growing up creepie rules .
  • I love this show.

    Growing Up Creepie ios so awesome. You learn about insects and what they do. This show is about a girl named Creepie. She is raised by bugs in the Dweezewold Mansion. She has to keep her bug family a scret, or she will be separated from them and the house will be fumigated. She is friends with Budge and Chirs-Alice. Budge is Creepie's first friend. Chirs-Alice is her next best friend...even though her dad is the locale exterminator. Awesome show.