Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 6

Roaché Motel / Little Greenhouse of Horrors

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 04, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

Episode Recap

Roaché Motel: Creepie is invited to go with Chris-Alice and her mom to the mall. When they try to go home, they are redirected to the deserted motel. When they have no other choice but to stay there until the rain clears up, they find themselves locked in a room with roaches, no television reception, and two clown pictures. Creepie follows the roaches through the whole ventilation system. She winds up outside and sneaks back into the main registration building.She meets up with the owner Eustace Roaché. He reveals that he and his roach circus used to be loved by all. But ever since time has passed, they have become obsolete. Creepie makes them feel better by having them perform for her family at her house. At the end, she is given an autographed picture of Skitters the Clown which makes her scream.

Little Greenhouse of Horrors: Creepie and Budge are sent to a greenhouse as a makeup assignment. When they arrive, they meet Mrs. Fern, a stubborn greenhouse keeper who is obsessed with her plants. She gives them the job of cleaning the windows. After Creepie cleans a part of the windows, she hears Mrs. Fern scream. When she arrives, she find that Mrs. Fern's plants have been eaten. Creepie discovers Gnat and Pauly eating the plants. She tells them to go home, but they stay instead. Afterwards, Creepie hears Gnat calling for help. She goes through the metal gate where she encounters a whole bunch of Venus flytraps. Mrs. Fern commands Bruno to attack Creepie. Creepie gets cornered and is about to be eaten when Budge steps in to save her. Budge escapes with Creepie and Pauly. Bruno ends up eating Mrs. Fern. Back at Dweezwold, Caroleena writes a letter of complaints to City Hall. Creepie comes home with plant slobber on her dress. A seed pops out of her dress and grows into a miniature Venus flytrap.
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