Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 2

The Scared Twitch Project / Frogenstein

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 16, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

Episode Recap

The Scared Twitch Project: Dr. Pappas is taking his class on a trip through the forest. Along the trip, Chris-Alice tells the legend of Bugfoot. After telling her tale, the continue walking and she, Creepie, and Budge fall down a trail and land in a muddy pond. They find Melanie and Carla and night quickly comes in. Later, Dr. Pappas realizes he lost the group. The group decides to settle down in an old cabin. Dr. Pappas continues his search the group and falls in the muddy pond. They think they hear Bugfoot. When the door opens up, everyone freaks out except Creepie. She splashes water on the "monster" and it turns out to be Dr. Pappas covered in mud. They all go back to school; disappointed that they did not find Bugfoot.

Frogenstein: The school is dissecting frogs except Creepie. Creepie refuses to dissect the frog. Budge distracts Dr. Pappas and she lets the frog go. Outside, the frog gets hit by a truck and dies. Creepie decides to bring the frog back to life. Back at the mansion, Pauly is eating bugs and Caroleena goes for her walk. In the lab, they dump the frog into a tray and Creepie decides to rebuild him. They zap the frog with electricity and nothing happens. During the night, the frog comes to life. The frog escapes. Meanwhile, during her walk, Caroleena is trying to resist her hunger urges. Creepie and Budge try to get the frog back. They find him sucking electricity and of the power lines and anything electrical. Still on her walk, Caroleena is having trouble trying to not eat. After a few moments, she continues her walk. Creepie and Budge follow the frog into the alley where it is still drinking electricity. It goes into the carnival, movie theater, and all over Middleton drinking electricity. Caroleena finishes her walk and she comes across the frog. She follows the frog and eats it. Creepie is shocked and she has to find a way to get a frog before class. She builds a fake frog and Dr. Pappas thinks its real.
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