Growing Up Creepie

Season 1 Episode 2

The Scared Twitch Project / Frogenstein

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 16, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • a frog frankenstein gets loose and kids get lost in the forest

    real funny. bugfoot is an obvivious parody of bigfoot. in the scared twitch project, creepie and her friends are on a hiking trip and get lost searching for bugfoot. they end up sending the night in an old abonded shack and go crazy when something approches them at night. mysterious outlined in the dark, it turns out to be their teacher dr. pappas. creepie's dissapointed they didin't see bugfoot, but as they leave bugfoot makes an appearance. in frogenstein, creepie refused to dissect a frog and now has to in order not to fail. her frog gets run over and she and budge try to bring it back to life. they succeed and it goes out on the town to absorb all electricity. they search for it but fail to find it. caroleena encounters the frog t the end of her walk and she manages to eat it. although she denies seeing it whne creepie asks.
  • Getting lost in the forest and a frog that feasts on electricity.

    The Flora and Fauna Club, led by Dr. Pappas, is walking in the forest. Chris-Alice, Budge, and Creepie are on the search for Bugfoot, an ancient bug-beast that is said to be a myth, when suddenly, they fall down a steep hill and land in a muddy pond. After walking through the forest for a while, they run into Carla and Melanie. Soon, it gets dark and they gang must find a place to stay until morning. They come across an old house and decide to rest there for the night. Dr. Pappas finally realizes he has lost the Flora and Fauna Club and goes searching for them. He falls down the same steep hill Chris-Alice, Budge, and Creepie fell down and lands in the same muddy pond and comes out covered in mud. The gang hears him approaching and when they see him, he looks like Bugfoot and they all freak out except for Creepie, who splashes water on him to stop everyone from screaming. After the incident, Dr. Pappas gets all the students back on the bus and they drive back to school. Creepie does not want to disect a frog. While Budge distracts Dr. Pappas, she releases the frog out the window. Dr. Pappas sees her the missing frog and tells her that she must get it back or else she will fail. Outside, Creepie and Budge chase the frog, but it gets run over by a truck. Creepie and Budge take the frog back to her house and try to revive it. They seem to have failed. But when a bolt of lightning hits the frog, it comes to life and sucks the electricity out of Dweezwold and then goes around town drinking the electricity. Budge and Creepie go on a wild goose chase to find it. When the frog gets back to Dweezwold, Caroleena, coming back from her walk, follows the frog and eats it. Creepie finds out and build a frog out of different materials and she gets a good grade even though Dr. PAppas knew it was a fake.