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  • What is A&E thinking

    the show was stupid back then and it's stupid now.
  • This show is crap!!!

    I don't know what people see in dumpster shows like this where people are making wealth by being criminals. I can't believe people actually think this junk of reality shows like this are actually real and in some cases would WANT to be on a show like this. Victoria looks like she's had plastic surgery and her sons come off like spoiled idiots
  • What a pathetic disgrace!

    This is a complete disgrace to our society. The people who created, produced, and watch this show should be shot! I have never seen an episode nor would I ever lower myself to do so. A&E should be fined for airing this garbage. What is wrong with this country? Why is it glamorous to glorify criminals and their stupid families? Why can\'t we do a reality show on Bill Gates and his family? How wealth is created intellectually with hard work, and spent for philanthropic causes like feeding the poor, not killing them. Wait, let me guess...the average person/filth that watches this crap has the IQ of a golf ball and doesn\'t know what the word philanthropic means. It shows like this that make me ashamed to be an american.
  • Can\\\'t believe they want people to know they are like that.

    The boys act like 5 year old boys ALL the time and have no idea what real life is. Kim Gotti is so out of touch with reality it makes you laugh. Watching everyone bend over backwards to not piss her off no matter how stupid they have to look because she has no sense of reality is pathetic. John Gotti would be so pissed if he knew his family was portraying his family to the world like this as if they are really like this and not just playing for the camara then this family is so sick and childish and 180 degrees from John Gotti\\\'s image. Kim grow up and become a mother to the boys or these kids are going to act like they are 5 when they are 40.
  • Totally awful - where were the horse heads in the bed?

    These are supposed to be mobsters! Why didnt they show them being groomed to take over the organized crime family?

    Where were the horse heads in the beds?

    Where were the classes on how to properly run a construction or trash hauling business as a front?

    Where were the bookie training sessions?

    Where were the classes on how to properly use "muscle" to intimidate law enforcement and your competitors?

    Where were the Hit Man training classes? How to properly insert a bullet as to minimize splatter?

    At least they could have show proper techniques for strangulation and drive by Tommy Gun shootings.

    I mean really people! This show just fell flat on its face - SPLAT!
  • i love this show

    everyone thinks the worst of people but here is an old saying never judge a book by the cover because it can come back to hunt the hell out of you and that way there funny they can make anyone laugh at what they do and that make me happy they can be troublemakers each other cause there brothers and always will be.i feel bad that everyone judges them cause its not right oh and some people should bit there own toughs for fake suff that comes up with there names in newspapers or magazines cause that just really mean to them
  • this show is great! they should soooo.... bring it back! i think more people will watch it. the gotti brothers are hott too. that would attrack more people :-P

    i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show! i love this show!
  • Loved Everything About It!!!

    Meet the Notorious Gotti Family!!! I just loved everything about them. From Victoria down to all three of her songs. Yes they are rowdy and maybe a bit spoil but who cares, I still loved to watch them on TV. I'm not sure why the show was canceled. I still haven't seen all of the episodes because I haven't had cable or satellite in a while, and when I come back Airline and Growing Up Gotti is gone. Probably the only thing I would watch A&E at that time. Although now they have Gene Simmons and his family, which I also love, I do wish that they would bring Victoria and the boys back on, who were always entertaining to watch. A++++ show!!!
  • A basic reality show displaying the daily lives on a basis of John, Carmine,Frank, and Victoria Gotti. America is introduced to the family, their different styles and personalities. It shows what the family is made of and what they like and dislike doing.

    Personally I loved that show and I have to admit that I strongly disagree with those who hated the show because I feel that Growing Up Gotti displayed what happens on a daily basis in the lives of the Gotti boys and their mother. I also feel that the show showed America that not every celebrity is the same. Some may be ignorant,rude,down to earth, etc. etc. To wrap it up, Growing Up Gotti showed what the Gotti's are really made of and the show displayed every Gotti's different personality and style. So for those of you who hated it STOP HATING!!! APPRECIATE!!!
  • Three overly effeminate boys and their mother embarrassing the name Gotti and Italians everywhere...By the way boys… Slow done with the eyebrow tweaking… Any more and you “Boys?” will look like Joan Crawford!

    I hate this show and the so-called boys of Gotti’s... If John Gotti were alive, he personally would put a bullet through his so-called "Boys" styled and waxed eyes... These boys could be stunt doubles for the "Boys" on "Queer Eye"... I hate I hate I hate this show... Please dont watch this!
  • Growing Up Gotti is about Mobster daughter, Victoria Gotti. Victoria has three teenage sons, who are very well groomed like. She shows America what it is like to be part of a family dynasty. Look at it as a reality Sopronos.

    I personal think that this show would have gone nowhere if it had not been for the family's handyman, Luigi. Luigi took all of their thunders away. If I watch this show it is only because of Luigi. The only good looking son is John. Caramine just does not bring anything to the show. All I see him do is play video games and wash his BMW. Frankie is too young, but he is very mature for his age, way mature than Caramine. What I liked about John was that he became his own person and was not a follower.
  • this show was the greatest.

    whoever took this show off the air is an idiot i loe this show and i always will. i still look for it on t.v. if they were smart they would bring it back because thousands of girls and even women think the gotti boys are sexy. and so do i. i love frankie even though he's younger than me i don't care he is my favorite one and i love him. i used to watch the show just so i could see him by the way there weren't enough close ups on frankie. i wish they would bring back the show and just let the gottis promote it and then their ratings wont be low as they claimed they had become. even if nobody else watched the show i would be watching every week to see what happens next. I didn't even watch this series from the beginning but that's because i didn't know about it. but when i first saw one episode i was hooked i am hooked i look for the show all the time and i even watch the re runs over and over because i love this show. i love Frankie
  • The typical Italian mobster family

    I think it was the hot boys that drove me to watch this show every Monday night at 9:30. However, I stopped after about 3 weeks.. so I guess they weren't hot enough. OH, and Luigi. HE was a character. Those darn, crazy Italians.. I'm sure thats not a viable stereotype..
  • Who do I have to sleep with to Robert kicked off the show?

    The first season of this show was great. The episode where John gets a tattoo against Victoria's wishes was one of the funniest. So was the famous "hair gel" episode and the trip to the Hamptons.

    But then along came Robert. OMG why did they bring him on there? I can't stand his know-it-all attitude and the way he feels like he has to put his two cents in on everything.

    I watched the first season and a small part of the second season, but unless they get rid of Robert, I'll be switching it off for good.
  • Well this show is really good but i dont really like the boys i mean cmon how old are they and they still act like little boys.BUT i do have to say its a very good show otherwise, little funny parts and the fighting.

    Well this show is really good but i dont really like the boys i mean cmon how old are they and they still act like little boys.BUT i do have to say its a very good show otherwise, little funny parts and the fighting.IT reminds me of my family in little parts
  • Check this....

    I find this show alryte, ya'll just haters and the way half these girls talk is as iff they actually read this what that Frank opended his own salon at lest he gets more money then ya'll babysittin...get it threw ya head they get what they want cuz they got money if you had money you would prolly do the same! so stop hattin!
  • Me likies!

    It's one of those shows that you either like or hate, I love it. Some of the things the boys do and say are just funny! And honestly you really aren't watching their actions, more like them! They are just drop dead sexy. And the mother is cool, kinda airy headed though. But eh- It shows that even with the cash, your family is just as normal as the rest.
  • this is such a great show

    it is so great because it shows a single mother raising her three handsome sons and my father is like that hes single and raising 3 kids two girls and one biy 14 16 and 12 and i think just think it so great seeing her hold her family together.. i also watch it because Frankie is hot lol i am 14 and i think he is super fine.. but i hope the show stay s on for a long time i am 2 from ny but we moved to ill so im just glad to see a show from ny
  • i love this show!!

    i cant wait until monday every week to watch this show. the gotti boys are extremely hot. i dont know whos hotter... carmine, john, or frankie? i cant decide. i also like victoria. she seems like a good mother who really cares about her children. it must be hard being a single mother to three teenage boys.
  • This show is good if there is nothing on and your drunk(so the boys actually look good). I watch this show if im bored out of my mind.

    It could be better. I think its fake but you know some people believe it. I love how Victoria is trying to make her family look normal. She has three metrosexual boys who speak to fast and are always strutting around in there thousand dollar clothes. If i was her Id stop bringin up the gotti name if she wants people to believe she is like any other American.
  • Are you serious?

    This show is a disaster and I am surprised people waste their time watching it. What type of entertainment does it bring to people and what do they get out of it.I can't be the only thinking this what can be interesting about three rich kids and their "smart" mom. The adventures of what people with too musch time on their hands ooh how exciting, save yourself and flip to Discovery Channel.
  • Don't know why, but I do. Love it!

    I have no idea why I love this show, but I do. I don’t see it as a bad thing in regards to giving the ‘mod’ their own show. Victoria has worked hard to get her money. Am I sure some of it is from her dad, sure? But if Uncle Sam don’t care why should I.

    This show focuses on the life of Victoria Gotti and her three sons: John, Carmine, and Frankie. Granted there really are no meat and potatoes to this show, but I don’t mind all desert. Besides it is always nice to know that there is a more dysfunctional family than my own.

    Don’t knock it till you try it that is what I say!
  • This is one of the best shows I've seen so far!

    I love watching Growing Up Gotti, I love especially watching John, but I still love them all! And Luigi always makes me laugh when he fights with Robert. You just gotta love \'em! Especially John! When I first saw this show, I never thought I would love it so much!
  • Growing Up Gotti is a great show! I would of never thought that I would sit there every Monday night and be glued to the tv and see those 3 fine young men especially Carmine! God how I wish I could be 18 again!

    The show is great I am glad that Victoria Gotti did this and she should keep on doing this her father is a legend and always will be. She has done a fine job raising three young men and to do it by herself she deserves mad props for that cuz boys will be boys and sometimes they need that kick in the ass to put them back in there place. Between Growing Up Gotti and Prison Break my house Monday nights gets kinda hectic!!

    I cannot understand why any network would broadcast a reality show based on a CRIME FAMILY?!!! Every Gotti asset has someone\'s blood on it and yet A&E network has glamourized this lifestyle by putting a mob boss\'s family on television ! Shamefull, what is the television world coming to when america glamourizes A CRIME FAMILY ?!!!!
  • Reality TV at what it is supppose to be.....Reality TV

    I am not a big fan of reality tv, but I did start watching this out of curiosity. At least on this reality show there are no stupid hidden cameras, no challenges, no contestants, etc...Its about a mother and her 3 children. Who happen to have a famous name. Like we havent had that through the years. Of course it doesnt hurt that her 3 children are very handsome boys and are nice to look at and add good eye candy to the show. They are growing up in front of our eyes and learning responsibility. But like others I have told that tell me its stupid to watch, I say turn the channel and dont be so opinionated!
  • yep i m glued to t.v set if i see thi show

    hey its cool 3 hot guys i like john hes th ehotest well other 2 bros have gfs
    hes the one who doesnt soo i like him the best
    they r spoiled hey
    thats the thing abt them its the best soo u cna say only one thin the show has become famous cuz of these guys
  • i love growing up gotti

    i love this show it does getter better every season the boys are growing up and turning in to men. Victoria gets more beautiful every season. Also the show just gets funnier and more interesting. Plus John and Carmine arent too bad on the eyes either. They are so HOT.
  • I love Growing up Gotti

    I love this show because the Gotti boys are really hot! haha but also I like that even though they fight and argue they still love each other alot and stick together as a family. I think it would be awsome to be a Gotti and I love watching their everyday life! 11 out of 10!
  • Its a Great show to watch, i got hooked the first time i started watching it :) its a great show for teenagers like me! Its also because of John Gotti, Carmine Gotti, and Frankie Gotti because they are all very Hotttt!

    This show is reality so its hard to do a review cuz its not the same stuff that happens. Its unpredictable. Most of the time they show what to guys do like where they go and its like a ticket to theyre lives. Its probably extreemly hard for them cuz they have a camera in theyre house like 24/7... i wouldnt be able to .. but anyways... Its an addictive show that many people watch. Something that will hopefully will continue on for many more seasons. Its also a very interstiong show to watch how different familys work.. and its shows how most teenager are the same. And how all parents are the same. Its a great show i give it 10!
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