Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2007 on BBC Three

Episode Recap

Grant is working in his office. Michelle, dressed like a conservative secretary walks in and brings him his coffee. She really likes her new job and starts seducing Grant which he obviously likes. Then his boss enters and orders him to clean his BMW with his tongue.

Chris wakes up and is shocked to see his hair in something like an Afro.

At the bar, Alex is cleaning some glasses with his short and asks Claire to send the gay people out. For once Alex has his shirt on, but he doesn't know how long he can keep it up this time. However he's angry in general as he think Claire gave him an STD.

Michelle is at work on the computer and plays solitaire. Mr. Crew comes in and gives Michelle a list of what to do. The list involves making fun of Grant and hitting Grant. Michelle asks why everyone hates Grant, so Mr. Crew explains that it's nothing personal, just that they hate all Welsh people.

Grant walks into the bar and is pretty happy and soon Chris walks in with some kind of cap, as he has to hide his hair on a bad hair day. Chris fears when Claire sees his hair, she'll break it off with him as his last girlfriend did. So Chris takes off his cap and shows his afro look and even Grant bursts out laughing so Chris storms off.

Michelle joins Grant. She's angry at how Grant is treated at the firm and wants him to step up. However he doesn't want to and doesn't want Michelle to do anything either. Grant explains that he's really bad at his job and this is the only company which hasn't noticed yet.

Michelle plans revenge for Grant and she advises drugs to get Mr. Crew fired. Grant says no as he would report anyone who ever even looked at drugs. Alex makes a quick exit when he hears that.

At work, Michelle is playing Minesweeper. She's disappointed as she wins and the smiley only changes a bit.

Mr. Crew enters and hopes she would pick up the pencils he just tossed on the floor. Mr. Crew starts to hit on Michelle. He explains as long as she plays by the rules, she'll have a great career at the firm. So she picks up the pencils and he grabs her butt.

Later on, Michelle tries to convince Grant to plant drugs on Mr. Crew. When Michelle tells him, he touched her, Grant agrees.

Claire asks for a day off at work to see a doctor. That's when Michelle enters and asks Rachel to buy some drugs. Rachel gives her something and apparently is on drugs herself.

At the bar, Claire has picked up her pills. Claire doesn't know how to tell Chris and Alex tries to help her. However things don't turn out well. Chris walks in with a wool cap this time. Claire strips his cap off and sees the horrid hair while Alex keeps reminding Claire to tell Chris about the STD. Claire storms off in order to practice to tell him about the STD. Chris thinks she'll dump him and orders a glass of milk.

At home, Michelle is completely high on drugs tells Grant what she just did. Grant tries to tell Michelle what the plan is with Mr. Crew. However Michelle would rather have sex right now than to listen to Grant.

Claire is working on "Everyone I have slept with Vol. 1" – a massive book and calls all the people she ever slept with.

At the bar, Chris tries to cut off his hair, but can't get over it and do it.

At the bar, Chris realizes he's a nothing and wants to break it off with Claire.

Meanwhile Michelle is completely high, but Grant still tries to get her to play the role over lunch. Michelle is in a really bad shape when Mr. Crew comes in. He sends Grant out and Michelle tells him about her plan. However Mr. Crew has enough drugs himself as he shows her.

At the bar, Chris tries to dump Claire. Claire thinks he knows about the STD. Chris runs off and Claire slaps Alex as she thinks he told Chris. Rachel walks in and tells Alex, he gave her the clap as well and slaps him as well. That means Rachel gave it to Grant and Alex to Michelle. So everyone is infected with the STD. Claire sends out a text message to all her friends.

At the company, the police have just arrested Mr. Crew meaning Michelle and Grant are happy. Michelle hugs Grant. The two kiss as soon as Mr. Crew is gone. Michelle gets a text message about the STD. Grant is disgusted and tells her to stay away.

At home, Chris has another hat on and is drinking milk. Michelle arrives home and both are feeling down. Both realize they both have the same STD and both have it from Alex. Chris tells Michelle he has to dump Claire and Michelle tells him she actually likes his hair that way.

Chris and Michelle soon kiss and make out.

At the bar, Grant is drinking shot after shot. That's when Claire walks in. Claire explains she wants to get back together with Chris. Claire also tells Grant that Michelle gave him the clap as well. Claire and Grant agree to go back to the apartment and beg for forgiveness. At the apartment, Michelle and Chris have sex, when Claire and Grant walk in on them. Grant has the last line: "are there any drugs left" as he turns away.