Season 3 Episode 1

Convenient Puppy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2009 on BBC Three

Episode Recap

Everyone wakes up and is shocked about something. Chris especially worries about what he did and wanders around the apartment sounding like a beaten pig, but Michelle tells him not to worry. He worries that the entire friendship group got blown apart by their sexual encounter – Michelle is convinced that Grant will forgive him.

Michelle tries to convince Grant to forgive her at work, but he's too upset and all he says is 'whore'. So Michelle runs home crying. She and Chris argue over the past events and then Michelle states that her best friend Jenny is coming over and Chris is all confused. So the doorbells rings and it's her. Whilst Chris heads out to find some male friends, the two girls chat a bit.

Chris walks into the bar where Alex is exercising with some bottles. Chris on the other hand has somehow "helped his appearance" a bit – he looks ridiculous. Chris walks out and Jenny states that she has a crush on him, much to Alex' displeasure.

Michelle is all dressed up for Grant when he arrives, but he still calls her a whore. Anyways, he still brought her the leaf she asked for. He explains that he'll never forgive her. She got him a puppy to forgive her. He still rejects her, so she starts to sing and dance. Then he finally forgives her, when he also wants to forgive Chris, he states that Michelle expected that. That's why Grant doesn't forgive her.

Chris wants to intellectually bond with Grant, but all he can think of is Michelle and that he needs to fire her.

At the bar, Michelle and Jenny chat and Alex tries to hit on Jenny who'd rather think about Chris.

Jenny has some advice for Michelle, so they plan a stunt where Grant needs to rescue Michelle.

However an entire series of stunts don't work. Even when she pretends to drawn, he ignores her.

Then she comes crying to Grant's office and he fires her. He sticks to his decision and she has to go.

In the bar Alex wants to impress Jenny, when Michelle comes to him for advice. She realizes she needs to be honest with Grant instead of all the mind games.

Chris and the puppy have a nice time together, then the dog bites him – so the dog flies out the window. The dog is dead.

Michelle is home after being fired. She tells Chris they are both too insecure for life. They both cry.

Alex tries to talk to Jenny, who still ignores him and just fancies Chris. She goes over to his table and tries to talk to him. Alex is shocked.

Michelle's doorbell rings – it's Grant – he's looking for the bust of Abraham Lincoln, she stole from the office. He and Michelle finally talk about real stuff, life and everything. They both feel lonely, but then she kicks him out. They both cry when he leaves.
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