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  • BBC 3 comedy on par with Two Pints

    At first, the simple fact that Sheridan Smith was in the main role of this series, I couldn't help but comparing it to 2 pints, which is the God of Comedy. Grownups is easilly on par with 2 pints as it is written by Susan Nickson too. It really does have potential to grow. Loving the indirect comparison with the sister show, and the bar man who just likes to take his top off is very Gaz. But I do think this show does need to make itself a seperate entity to succeed, and get onto BBC2 for more viewers.... its worked for Gavin and Stacey
  • its amazing

    absolutely seriously now,
    this is an amazing show, its funny and cool and the actors are so funny in it.
    the characters are amazing and completely addictive to watch, they're played by amazing actors who know what the viewer wants and tbh i am addicted to this show.

    its more of a show for adults/late teenagers but my little sister watched it and found it hilarious too. in england its on quite late which is odd because its quite tame compared to the other programmes. i still totally reckon that it will take off in america;
    its really good. i recommend it to absolutely EVERYONE!!!
  • From the writer of two pints of lager, she brings us......

    Michelle is 26 years old, living in Manchester's Northern Quarter with her beautician friend Claire, dating Dean and hurtling towards her thirties. When Michelle's brother Mike lands on her doorstep with his ironic (i.e. rubbish) record collection and best friend Grant in tow, it all starts to get very complicated. Dean wants an open relationship with Michelle but Michelle, infatuated with Dean, certainly doesn't; Grant is infatuated with Michelle; Mike can't stand Dean; and Claire, well Claire is concerned with maintaining her tan and trying to stick to her nutritional detox. All of them are trying, unsuccessfully, to be grown ups.

    That was the review from the DVD and that kinda explains what it's about, this is very much like 2 pints with most of the cast replaced apart from one!

    I actually quite enjoyed this show, just not as much as her first show, but once you get into it, it is very funny.
    I look forward to a season 2 of this as it has the potential of going a long way.

    Overall its a decent show and everyone should watch it.
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