Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2007 on BBC Three

Episode Recap

Michelle sits on her couch moping about Grant and her boss. She imagines they are having great sex. Chris comes out of his room and he's freaked out that he's engaged to Claire. Chris hopes Claire will forget about the engagement and tells Michelle that Grant and Rachel will be over soon as well. Michelle sees hope, only to find Chris on the floor crying that his life will be over.

In Michelle's office Rachel and Grant are making out. Michelle sits in there as well and has to witness everything. Rachel soon leaves to prepare her penthouse for a romantic night. Grant explains to Michelle he's madly in love with Rachel now and tells Michelle, she'll find somebody else soon. That leaves Michelle sad in her office.

Claire and Michelle meet in the bar and Michelle is all down and grumpy. Claire is all excited because she plans to go and buy a ring with Chris later on that night. As soon as Claire leaves, Michelle rings Chris and tells him he needs to buy a ring.

Afterwards she comes up with the idea that she now needs to find a new boyfriend ASAP. She walks up to Alex. She hopes he would go out with her, but he turns her down. So she storms out of the bar.

Meanwhile Chris is looking at some rings and is outraged by the price (the one he's looking at is £825 and .25CT). Claire finally finds him and is excited about the ring (she even starts to lick the window to be closer to the ring. Chris wants to take off, but he promises to get her a ring (just not that one).

At the bar Grant is bragging to Alex that he's in the perfect position: Michelle is jealous of his new girlfriend Rachel. Chris walks in (as he's wearing the same shirt as Alex, Alex has to take his off). He still can't believe he's engaged. Alex explains being off the market is the biggest chick magnet. When Chris tests that theory, things don't go particularly well.

At work Michelle tells Claire her plans for how to get Grant back and asks what the guy on the floor is doing: he's licking Claire's feet.

At the bar Rachel picks up Grant and she explains they need to scare away Michelle.

When they leave Claire walks in. She asks Alex if he has seen Chris. He tells her what was up earlier ("the girls were all over him") and he starts to hit on her, he takes his shirt off and with that Claire can't resist anymore: they make out on the bar.

At Michelle's apartment, Michelle has set a trap for Grant. The apartment is a huge mess, as apparently he likes to clean up. He comes in and explains, Rachel is waiting outside and so he can't do this. Michelle can't believe what she hears, but Grant stays cold – on orders from his new girlfriend. He leaves and Michelle spots he has already folded his laundry. He comes back in again and messes up the laundry and storms out. Outside he jumps into Rachel's car.

After Rachel explains Grant can't see Michelle ever again, he gets out of the car again. He wants to go back to Michelle. Rachel tells him, Michelle will not appreciate him for another 10-15 years. Michelle is on her balcony and Grant explains he's sorry, so Michelle tells him to come up and clean up.

After hearing that, he goes back into Rachel's car and they leave.

Michelle thinks that she will never find a man again and prays to god to send her a man. Just when she's finished, Chris walks in and explains how crazy all women are, especially when they learn he's engaged.

After the first disappointment, Michelle makes a move on Chris. Just when Michelle wants to kiss him, he takes off to find Claire.

He runs into Claire on the street, he's playing the cool man and Claire still desperately wants her ring. Claire explains how desperately she needs that ring, but stops when she sees that Chris is playing with his nipples and isn't listening. Now he explains to her how sexy he is. At some point Claire explains that she just made out with Alex.

Back in the apartment, Michelle once again is talking to god. She wants a real man this time. That's when a blindfolded Grant stumbles into her apartment in his hand is a blown up sex doll with the picture of Rachel glued on its face.

Michelle takes away the doll, so Grant takes off his blindfold. Michelle starts to make out with the doll. Michelle stops at some point and tells Grant to dump Rachel and come back to her. Grant admits that he is terrified of Rachel and can't do so. He admits she hits him. Michelle is angry: she states "nobody hits my Grant".

In the bar, Chris demands an explanation why he made out with Claire. Chris wants to fight Alex. After some small provocation, Chris attacks. However instead of some punch, all that comes is some slapping which doesn't bother Alex that much. Alex' answer to that is some kick and Chris lands on the next table.

At the club, Rachel is editing some picture of Michelle to make her look like some freaky alien. Michelle tells her not to mess with her Grant. She explains she loves Grant and she will protect him. She slaps Rachel – to which Rachel replies with the comment, that she could kill her.

Grant is so happy that Michelle said she loves him. He breaks up with Rachel and just when they are about to leave, Rachel fires Michelle.

At the bar, Claire tells Chris that he just should have had bought a ring and everything could have been prevented. After a short speech of true love from Chris, they kiss.
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