Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2009 on BBC Three

Episode Recap

Michelle's phone beeps and she wakes up. Besides her some man is still asleep. The guy is from Midsummernight Murders and so Michelle considers him a celebrity. Down at the bar, Grant is having a cup of coffee. Grant has an idea about how to improve the business – Alex seeks some advice as business is running slow. They agree some illegal gambling might be the way forward. Grant tells a story from his youth. In Michelle's apartment, Jenny plays with Chris' hair. Michelle comes downstairs, and brags about the guy she scored. Jenny has only eyes and ears for Chris and hopes he will sleep with her. At the office, Grant's going through some files when Michelle arrives. Grant is really busy and complains to Michelle when she doesn't stop going on about the guy she slept with. He tells her that he's the one who has to pick up the pieces when the guys don't call her. And once again he's right – Michelle doesn't even know the guy's name. Then Grant realizes he must go and join Alex' game. There in the bar, Alex states the rules, which reminds them of Fight Club. At home Chris thinks he's too old for Jenny and Michelle states he's boring. In the bar, Michelle and Jenny talk and Michelle thinks she needs to replace one addiction with another, so she wants to gamble and bet on Grant. Then Grant searches for some new competition and some kid arrives, so Grant runs away. At home, Chris tries to impress Jenny with his skating skills, but she looks bored. Then Michelle brings home her new bookie, as she claims to be a gambling addict now. Jenny still wants to sleep with Chris, who isn't too keen on that idea. She wants to put him on drugs. In the office, Grant is thinking about his gambling, while Michelle has to admit that she slept with her bookie. She wants him to be provocative, as she states he liked George W. Bush as US president. She wants something sexual, so Grants rips his shirt open. Michelle wakes up next to a horse's head – it was part of a bet with Jenny. Then Chris comes downstairs to enjoy his mushroom tea. Michelle wants to call Grant as she thinks she spent a night without sex, but then a guy comes out of her closet. Jenny has to try and calm Chris down as he's on a bad trip. In some coffee shop Jenny and Michelle see a couple making out and they realize they have never been in a real relationship like those two, well and Chris neither. In the bar, Alex tries to force Grant to play against the kid, when Michelle storms in and wants to talk to him. So Grant tells the story of what happened in Wales. He gambled, things went wrong and the kid was blinded as a result. So he'll never play again against a kid. At the end Michelle realizes that she's slept with everyone in the bar. At home, Jenny tries to impress Chris with a nice adult date, but she ends it with the sentence that he isn't old enough. Alex persuades Michelle to convince Grant to play again. Grant once again hits the kid's eyes. At home Michelle and Chris realize they are immature yet still they sleep together.