Guiding Light

Season 51 Episode 122

Ep. #14063

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 24, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Alan's unnerved when Gus and the Cooper's arrive for Christmas. Marina and Ben bring a fruit basket for Olivia he then surprises Marina with a special bracelet. Thanks to the snowstorm, Danny is stuck with Cassie at the Beacon while Bill helps Michelle get ready for Robbie's first Christmas. Stranger Stanley Elkin emerges from the snowstorm, seeking shelter and as he checks into the hotel, admits to Cassie that he's been on his own for 50 years. When Stanley warns them about being afraid to take chances and then completely disappears with no trace, Danny makes his way to the Bauer house where he's unnerved to see Michelle has fallen asleep next to Bill on the couch. Josh invites Tony to stay for Christmas dinner and welcomes Cassie when she stops by. Mel, Rick, Holly and Ed join Blake and Ross to celebrate Christmas. When her guests won't leave, Blake asks Ross to marry her. Surprised, Ross quickly agrees. The four guests offer their congratulations upon hearing the good news. Just as Olivia and Phillip settle in at Company to wait out the storm, a group of cold carolers interrupt and convince the "proprietors" to let them stay. Alan finally arrives and, thanks to Phillip, he ends his anger towards Olivia and escorts her back home while Phillip remains.

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