Guiding Light

Season 51 Episode 123

Ep. #14064

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 26, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

At Company Gus told Harley that the ring belonged to mother. When she died, his father gave it to him and all this time he was waiting to give it to the right person. He added that there was never a person that was ever enough for him. He said that he woke up that morning and the right person was Cooper. He told her to say something. Harley wanted to know if he was doing this because of the conversation with Alex. He said no. Marina told Ben that Gus gave Harley an engagement ring. But Gus said nobody said it was an engagement ring. Harley asked them to back off. Harley wanted to know if it was an engagement ring. Gus replied that it was more like a training ring. He commented that it was like getting training wheels for a bicycle. Harley said she loved it because it belonged to his mother. Gus said his mother would have loved to meet her. He added that his father said if he gave it to a girl it should be the real deal. Harley said she hoped he never had any reason to doubt his father's word. Eden enters. She wanted to now if congratulations were in order. She was shocked that it was her mother's ring that Gus gave Harley. Frank answered the phone and told Harley it was for her. When Harley returned to the table, she said she had to go. She said there was something she had to investigate. Harley exits. Outside of Company, Frank approached Harley and asked if it was Joe August's partner that called. Gus told Eden that he found someone good enough for his mother's ring. He asked Frank whom it was that Harley had to interview. But Frank said he couldn't say. At the Spaulding mansion Phillip told Alan that he couldn't call him a traitor. But Alan said that he didn't understand how his son could support him and then make out with his wife. But Alan said the stakes were now much higher. Alan said all Phillip did was to compete instead of loving him. Phillip said he had been trying to make a place for himself and he wanted to be free of Alan's ego. Phillip asked why he didn't let Alan die. Alan said it was because he felt guilty. Phillip admitted that at one time he had feelings for Olivia but not anymore. Phillip was confused in thinking that Alan was going to give Olivia another chance. But Alan said all he could see when he looked at Olivia was her being with Phillip in the hot tub and in the elevator. Phillip asked Alan to think about Olivia because she does love him. Alan pointed to the picture that Olivia gave him and said he was confused after he watched them on the tape. Phillip said he cared about Alan. Alan said to Phillip, "You don't give a damn about me because you are in love with my wife." Alan said Phillip was a stranger to him and an enemy. Phillip exits. Olivia enters. She asked Phillip if Alan was in. Phillip said that Alan wasn't in the mood for company. Phillip was confused as to what happened. She said she needed to make Alan understand how much the marriage meant to her. He told her he had been branded as a traitor. Phillip said there wasn't much left to go wrong. Phillip exits. Alan found a note in the back of the picture. The note was addressed to Phillip indicating that the picture was a Christmas present for Phillip from Olivia. Olivia enters. She asked if it was a bad time. She asked that he listen to her or scream at her. She admitted that what happened in the elevator was childish. She said that being his wife meant everything to her. Olivia pleaded for Alan to give her a chance. Instead Alan said, "Bravo, what a wonderful speech!" He suggested she tell Alex that her little pitch didn't work. He showed her the note. He crumpled the note in his hand and said he couldn't trust a word she said. At the Lewis house Reva admitted the calls had been coming since before Christmas. He wanted to know why she didn't tell him. But Reva said that everyone was happy and she didn't want to mention it. Josh couldn't understand why it was happening since the trial was over. Reva commented that he should try to imagine someone who had no principles. She said she thought it was Edmund. Josh agreed but wanted to know why would Edmund stop the calls. He figured that it would be easier for Edmund to track her down. As Reva was putting on her coat, she said she was going to find out. Josh said he would go with her. At the Beacon Alex asked Olivia to sit down and calm down. Olivia said that Alan just shut down on her. Olivia said she trusted Alex and then she stabbed her in the back. But Alex said she didn't give Alan the tape. But Olivia knew that she had wanted her to stay away from Alan. Alex admitted that she thought that from the start. Olivia said that she had the picture framed for Phillip and Alan saw it and thought it was for him. She wanted to know what to do to make it up to Alan. Alex suggested she ask Alan. Edmund enters. Reva told him to say it to her face. She told him he was a coward. Alex intervened and said that nobody spoke to her Edmund with that tone. Alex said she heard Reva was in prison. Josh enters. Reva told Alex that her business was with Edmund. Reva said it was harassment with threatening phone calls. Reva asked if Alex could vouch for Edmund's whereabouts. Alex said that Edmund was with her all night long. Reva told Alex that she hoped she wasn't so desperate for a man that she settled for Edmund. Josh told her that he heard the voice too. Alex and Edmund exit. But Josh said that Edmund might be telling the truth. In Alex's hotel room, she wanted to know if he made the threatening phone calls. But he said he didn't. At the Cabin Joe August's partner wanted to know if she wanted to talk about Carmen Santos. Harley began to look at the pictures on the wall. He said that was a picture of his partner, Joe August. He said he was shot down in the street in front of his kids. Harley said Carmen was in jail looking at a life sentence. Harley said she wanted to know the real reason Joe August died. She asked if he was on the Santos payroll. He asked her to leave. But Harley wanted to be sure she had all her bases covered when it came to Carmen. But he said that Joe was clean, and he wouldn't have taken any money from the Santos. He once again asked her to leave. Harley exits. Harley returned to the cabin. She began to survey the room. As she walked around the room, she opened a closet door. She noticed designer clothes and found a secret compartment. He enters. He asked her if she was still curious.

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