Guiding Light

Season 51 Episode 124

Ep. #14065

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 27, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Danny and Michelle have plans for a "date" on New Years Eve. Ed and Rick were concerned that Michelle is only going to get hurt again or be in danger again and they went to see Danny at the Beacon. Rick was visibly angry asking Danny what his intentions were and asked him if he could really keep Michelle safe. Danny had a talk with Tony at the Beacon too and told him that they needed to think of a way to make money legitimately. Danny wants to have a plan for the future to show Michelle security. He recommends bringing music into the night clubs him and Tony own. Tony went to go see Carmen because she said she had information about his father that would change his life. When he got there, Carmen told Tony that Eden is the one who killed his father. She went on to tell Tony that his father killed Joe August and Gus and Eden found out about it and lured his father to the roof then pushed him off. Tony was in total disbelief and left. He called Eden and told her that her last paycheck was ready and to come pick it up. A guard showed up to take Carmen to the Federal Prison but he was no guard at all! He was going to get Carmen out of the country but Carmen said she had to make one stop before they pick up her grandson! Harley broke in to Joe August's old partner's apartment and he catches her in his closet. When her cell phone rings, it's Gus, and he grabbed the phone from Harley and answered it. Gus kept asking who he was but Harley grabbed the phone back...Gus knew something going on. Harley left the man's apartment without getting any information. Joe's old partner said he was on his way to "the Islands" for awhile and Harley was wondering how he can afford that but he slammed the door in her face. Gus, Eden and Harley met at Company. Harley tried to get information from Eden about her father. She told Eden she thinks what Carmen said about Joe August being "on the take" is a lie but Eden wants her to leave it alone. Gus called his dad's old partner (where Harley was) and asked him to attend the ceremony being put on for Gus and Harley for taking down the Santos family. He said he would be there and told Gus of the pretty blonde detective that was at his apartment....Gus realized it was Harley.

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