Guiding Light

Season 52 Episode 20

Ep. #14211

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jul 25, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Frank comes into Company to help Buzz out today. Buzz is still short staff. Frank's new love, Darci, lends a hand as well. Buzz tells Darci that he has plans to go fishing with Billy Lewis Sr. Darci questions Buzz about a chart she saw in the kitchen about the Marina's Fund. Buzz explains the college financial trouble. Darci tells him to count her in. Darci starts to get her checkbook, but Frank tells her "no." Frank tells her he doesn't want her to feel obligated, and they have it covered. Darci thanks that Frank doesn't want her money because of her past. Frank explains that it has nothing to do with her money, he just wants to be responsible for managing sending his daughter to school. He feels ashamed enough having to take money from his sister and father. Darci assures Frank that he is a great father and also a great boyfriend. Frank agrees to let Darci help. Tony is entertaining Eden again. He is going through her planner to find clues regarding the murder case. Tony finds a receipt where Eden had rented a car. Eden said that she used the rented car to go see a sick friend in Chicago. The receipt could prove that Eden wasn't even in town when Renee Peterson was killed. But when Tony mentions that they will need to sick friend to give her an alibi, Eden seems dazed. Eden tells Tony that she lied again and that she really went to see Vinny in New York. Eden tries to explain herself, but Tony tells her that for someone who doesn't like to lie, she sure does a whole lot of it. Tony demands the reason why she went to see Vinny. Eden said that she wanted to put an end to that part of her life. Tony tells her that they need to go to New York and see if Vinny will back Eden up on her story for the police. Eden seems pleased, but then Bill walks in and says, "what the heck, I'll tag along too. So where are we going?" That pleased look is not there anymore. Tony then tells Bill that maybe he should be the one who goes with Eden, but when Bill finds out who they are going to see, Bill says that it would be better if the mobster went rather than the boyfriend. Tony agrees since he and Vinny talk the same kind of talk. Tony leaves to go tell Marah that he's heading out of town. All alone, Bill starts kicking pillows around. Josh gets an "urgent" message to met his daughter. Marah tells him she just wanted to tell him Bon-voyage. She tells him to go to Italy to be with Reva where he belongs. Josh asks her whether she has something better to do than nag her father. Marah and Josh go inside Company and Marah starts to share some pictures still trying to persuade him to go to Italy. Josh said that he needs to stay in town for Shayne. Marah reminds him that Shayne isn't even there. Josh said that he's not going because he's worried that he would send Reva a message that he doesn't want to send right now. Tony shows up to tell Marah that he is leaving, but Marah tells him there talk has to wait because she is busy with her dad. In trying to persuade Josh into going to Italy, Josh gets offended when Marah tells Josh that he is "an old stick in the mud who is world weary and doesn't want to go on what might be the most amazing adventure of his life." She tells him that he used to jump at these kinds of opportunities. Josh said he is not old. Marah tells him to go then. Tony is steamed when Marah is too busy to talk to him, and just leaves. Eden is grinning again from ear to ear. As they arrive at the airport in New York, someone is holding a "Santos" sign. The man says that the Salerno family welcomes them to New York. Eden wonders how he knew they were coming, and the man briefly shows them that he has a gun. At the Bauer cabin, Shayne and Marina share a romantic dinner. In the meantime, Ben is still looking in through the window. Shayne gives Marina a gift ­ a teddy bear wearing a Cub's t-shirt. Marina's expressing her appreciation and goes in for a hug but is sidetracked by a movement outside. Shayne looks out and coincidently, there is a deer outside. Shayne tells Marina that even though it was her idea to come up to the cabin, he wants to make sure that she doesn't feel pressured. Marina starts going through Shayne's backpack. He had brought his yearbook up to the cabin and asks Marina to sign it. Oooops, she reads some pretty juicy notes that other girls had written on the signature page. Marina takes it in good spirits though. Shayne tells her that he didn't know what they had written and pulls out his wallet to show a picture of Marina in it, and tells her this is the only girl he cares about. As they share their most romantic kiss yet, Ben is getting more jealous outside. Marina is remembering all the times that Shayne had warned her about Ben and tells Shayne that she was so focused on being with the wrong guy that she didn't realize that the right guy was right next to her all along.. Marina tells Shayne that at one time she thought that her first time was going to be with Ben, but she is glad that it didn't happen with him. Ben is outside pacing in anger. He starts to get inside his car. He pulls out a picture of Marina and begins to cry. Shayne and Marah continue there romantic and heavy kiss. Marina interrupts to go and change into some lingerie. Shayne wonders why it is taking Marina so long. He knocks on the door, but Marina doesn't answer. He opens the door and the room is a disaster. Looks like quite a struggle. Outside Marina is in Ben's car unconscious. Ben starts the car, and they leave.

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