Guiding Light

Season 52 Episode 22

Ep. #14213

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jul 29, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Tony and Eden have spent the night locked in Salerno's guest suite. Tony seems a little on edge. The door opens and in comes breakfast along with Vinnie Salerno. Vinnie greets Eden with a kiss. Tony demands to know why they were locked in. Vinnie said that it was for their protection and asks whether Tony appreciates his hospitality. Eden then tells Vinnie that she needs something from him, but Vinnie already knows that she needs an alibi. Eden asks how he knew that. Tony tells her it's because he bugged the room. Vinnie tells them there are cameras in every room because he likes to watch. Tony asks Vinnie if he thinks Eden is in danger. Vinnie said, "No, all things considered, Eden is more of a killer than a victim." Tony shows Vinnie the rental receipt to the car, and tells him that all they need is for him to back up Eden's story. Vinnie tells them that he can't because he was out of the country, but tells Eden that he would lie for her. Vinnie said that seeing is believing, and Eden's visit should be on tape, but he has to make sure that the tape is police friendly first. Tony asks what Vinnie wants in return. Vinnie said that he doesn't want anything they are just friends and friends help each other. Tony tells Vinnie that friends don't lock friends up. Vinnie tells him that he thinks Tony is bigger than Danny and wonders whether Tony is happy with the choice he's made. Tony tells him that he likes it fine! Vinnie tells Tony that his door is always open to him and tells Eden the same. Tony leaves the room to book a flight home, and Vinnie tells Eden that she can fool Tony and the Springfield P.D., but she can't fool him, and they both know that she had plenty of time to whack that girl. Eden claims that she didn't kill anyone. Vinnie said that he'll see what he can do about the tape. Eden said that he can double the interest on what she owes him. Vinnie said that her debt is almost paid, and an alibi is worth a lot more than that. Bill goes to see Marah and asks if she has heard from Tony. Marah tells Bill that Tony called and said that he had to spend the night in New York on business. When Bill mentions the word "they", Marah asks who went with him. When Bill tells Marah that he went with Eden and why, Marah wonders why Bill didn't go instead of Tony. Bill said that it is because Eden's alibi happens to be Vinnie Salerno. Marah tries to call Tony but gets his voicemail. Bill tells Marina that he can be in New York in two hours. Marah tries to convince Bill that Tony seemed calm, but Bill wonders why they are not back yet. Marah wonders whether Bill is just jealous. Then she tells Bill that her and Tony did not part on good terms. Marah and Bill have a talk about Bills true feelings for Eden. As Bill and Marah are talking, Tony and Eden walk in. Bill and Eden leave together, and Eden whispers to Tony that she won't tell anyone that they shared a room together. Ross, Blake, and Harley continue to research Ben's past while he was at boarding school. Ross tells them that the teacher that departed coincided with Ben's grades taking a dive and his behavior problems. The teacher was the faculty representative of the yearbook while Ben was the editor. Harley thinks that she has an idea and why the school is covering up something. Harley receives more information regarding the teacher and Ben. A thirteen year old boy stepped forward to report a teacher molesting a child. After the thirteen year old reported the teacher, about another dozen came forth as well. The teacher claims she was doing a service for bringing these boys into manhood. Blake remembers wanting to write something serious about a victim with sexual abuse, but she couldn't do it because the research made her cry. Blake shares her research information. Harley thinks that the humiliation of his job with Eden's Garden and losing his trust fund set him over the edge. The old feelings of having been molested could have been brought back up through his relationship with Eden and Ramona. Blake tells Harley that she doesn't think that Ben will hurt Marina, but Harley wonders how Ben will react when Marina rejects him. Frank finally gets a GPS signal from Marina's cell phone and rushes out the door to rescue her. Shayne wants to go along too, but Josh tells him that they have to wait and pray. Shayne heads outside to get some air. Josh stops him to get his car keys. Josh stays inside to give Shayne some space. Shayne prays for Marina's safety. He says that he will trade his baseball career for Marina's safety and wants a sign. Shayne remembers Marina talking about Ben's dream to buy a piece of property nearby. Outside the cabin where the GPS signal came from, the police are standing by. They burst in and found a young couple making out on the floor. Frank asks where Marina is, but they don't seem to know what he is talking about. Frank said that they tracked Marina's cell phone to this location and asks whether either of them found a cell phone. The young man said that he found the cell phone, and Frank insists he show him where. The police return to the Bauer cabin and find Shayne missing. Ben opens the door to the cabin where he is keeping Marina. He comes in with a picnic basket. Marina tells him that it's going to be hard to eat being tied up. Ben tells her that he will feed her. Ben tells Marina that he knows that he screwed up, but he can make it up to her. He tells Marina that his grandmother's inheritance can protect them, and he promises to give her everything she ever wanted. Marina tells him that money can not give her what she wants. Ben tells her that he knows that she is mad at him for taking her away from Shayne. He tells her that he forgives her for being with Shayne, and Marina needs to forgive him too. Marina tells him that she knows he is sorry and asks if that is why he brought her here. Ben tells her that she is the only one who could understand him. Marina tells him that they need to do something so they have that time. Marina tells Ben that Shayne has probably already told her dad, and the cops have to be looking for her. Marina said that she is ready to forgive Ben, but her dad and the cops will not. Marina tells Ben that she wants him to come out on the other side of this thing, and she wants them both to be okay. Ben tells Marina that everything got out of hand with Ramona and Eden and asks to start over again. Marina said that she wishes she could, but she is a little scared right now. Marina tells Ben that this is not him. Ben said that he is still the same guy, and all that's good in him belongs to her. Ben tells her not to be scared because he knows what that's like, and he doesn't want that to be her. Marina asks Bill when he was scared. Ben said that he thought if he just kept quiet and stay still that it would all go away, and he wouldn't have to feel that way again. Ben said that he is broken and doesn't want anyone to see it. Ben said that he hurts, and sometimes he has to make it stop. Ben pulls a medical injector from his pocket that Ramona used for self-medication. Ben said that Ramona doesn't need it anymore. Marina said that they don't need it either. Ben tells her that it's funny how something that can help someone else can actually be dangerous to another. He then tells Marina that he doesn't want her to get hurt, and he wants her to stay with him. Marina tries to stay calm and asks why Ben picked her. Ben tells her that it was her beauty, spirit, and strength that attracted him to her. Marina tells Ben that he needs to find the old Ben before things can work for them. Ben cuts Marina's hands loose. Ben starts to kiss Marina. Marina starts to show signs of disgust. Shayne is crawling around outside looking through the windows of the cabin. He calls Frank to tell him where they are. Frank tells him not to go in there alone. Marina thanks Ben for being patient with her in the past, and she asks him to give her some time. Ben said that words can't make things better between them -- only actions can!

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