Guiding Light

Season 52 Episode 23

Ep. #14214

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jul 30, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Outside Company, Marah and Tony arrive to meet Michelle and Danny to celebrate the Spaulding deal with the 5th Street Project. Tony tells Marah that he doesn't think Danny will understand why Tony went to NY to help out Eden. Danny doesn't trust Eden, but they are convinced that Eden is trying to be a better person. Marah tells him that Danny should believe in Tony, like she does. But she poses the question, "there's no reason I shouldn't, right?" Marah tells Tony that they have trust and that they can tell each other anything. She comments that Eden had a thing for Tony once. Tony assures Marah that Eden can't compete with her. Marah still feeling somewhat unsure tells Tony that the next time he has to go rescue a damsel in distress, she is going with him. She also advises him to be straight with Danny. Inside Michelle and Danny tell Buzz about the Spaulding deal. Buzz is distracted. He has a bad feeling about Marina and he can't reach any of his family members on the phone. Marah and Tony join Michelle and Danny inside. Buzz joins them briefly in a toast and but then wonders off to fret about Marina. Michelle says that if the Santos boys can win over Buzz, they can do anything. The topic shifts to Tony's emergency trip out of town and the girls excuse themselves to powder their noses. Tony admits to Danny that he had to go to NY with Eden to see Salerno about her alibi. Danny begins to give Tony grief. Danny reminds Tony that there are two things he warned him against: Don't get sucked in by Eden; Stay away from Salerno. Danny claims that Tony is disrespecting him. This comment puts Tony on the defensive and he reminds Danny to stop acting like the Boss. Danny sarcastically says "Poor Eden", she's gotten herself in the center of a multiple homicide case. Danny also reminds him that Eden used to sleep with Salerno. Danny questions Tony about when Marah was clued into this trip. Tony admits that she didn't know until they returned. Danny thinks Marah is being blind and that Tony is being an idiot. Danny questions whether they confirmed her alibi. Tony says they got a video tape and that Salerno always tapes the happenings inside his homes. Danny worries what else Salerno has on tape, namely whatever went on between Eden and Tony. Tony assures him that nothing happened. Danny wants to know what Salerno wanted in return for Eden's alibi. Tony claims nothing, but then admits that Salerno gave Eden the seed money for her business. Meanwhile, outside the ladies room, Michelle and Marah discuss Madam Eden. Marah wants to give Eden a chance because she's gotten a raw deal. Michelle informs Marah about Eden actions while she was away in Italy. Michelle tells her about Eden being all over Tony at the baseball game, company, etc. She advises Marah to wake up and see Eden for what she really is before it's too late. Michelle and Marah rejoin Danny and Tony at the table. Danny says that he doesn't give a damn about Eden and warns that Salerno is always two steps ahead. Tony wonders why Danny thinks everything is about him. Tony boldly tells Danny that Salerno wants Tony on the payroll. Danny gives Tony a news flash that this has "everything to do with me." Tony assures Danny that he told Salerno to shove the job offer, but Tony is hurt that Danny doesn't have more confidence in him. Marah and Tony walk outside. Marah questions why Tony didn't tell her about the job offer and baseball game with Eden. Tony claims that he isn't hiding anything from her. They hug, but Marah's face shows sign of concern. Still inside, Michelle and Danny continue to discuss Eden and Salerno. Michelle wonders why guys are so blind to Eden, first Ben, then Tony and now Bill. Danny advises Michelle to forget about Salerno. Still worried, Michelle says that Salerno is like the devil, he's got a hold on Eden and he's going to drag everyone else down with him. Meanwhile Buzz is listening to the radio and hears a report about a hostage situation where Ben Reade is the suspect. Buzz attempts to get information by phone, but eventually rushes out to go to Marina and Frank. At the Bauer Cabin, Frank is giving orders to the police as he prepares to rescue Marina. Jeffrey and Josh are still present in the background awaiting word about the kidnapped Marina. Darci arrives to support Frank. He promises her that he's going to bring his daughter home. Jeffrey tries to caution Frank. Jeffrey questions if Frank can be objective. He reminds Frank that this is a similar situation to the Gus/Harley hostage situation. Frank is undeterred by Jeffrey's comments and assures him that he can be objective. Josh attempts to join Frank, but Jeffrey stops him and cautions him that neither he nor Shayne should play hero. Then, Darci and Jeffrey prompt Josh to call Reva, who is still away in Italy. Unfortunately, Josh isn't able to reach her and leaves an urgent phone message. Meanwhile back inside the cabin, Jeffrey starts interrogating Darci about her relationship with Frank and her past. He claims that she was previously coupled with Vinny Salerno. At first, Darci plays dumb, but the DA is determined. He says he's had his eye on her since she entered "Camp Cooper." He confronts her with the facts: she used to work for Salerno and she was arrested and convicted in 1999 for solicitation and extortion. Darci caves and asks what he wants from her. He tells her that he wants to help her and that he is worried for both her and Frank. Darci wants to know Jeffrey's angle. He wants to know why she took the fall for Salerno and suspects that Salerno sprung her early for his own reasons. He cautions Darci that Salerno wasn't in love with her the way she thought. Jeffrey thinks that Darci knows Salerno's organization inside and out. He tells her that her past is about to come back and bite her. Jeffrey can't just sit back and watch her compromise Frank and bring down his career. He is determined to take down Salerno. Jeffrey tells her to pick sides, him or Salerno. Darci defiantly states that she is on her own side, free and clear. Jeffrey reminds her that no one is ever free and clear from Salerno. Outside the cabin, Josh gets a return call from Reva. Josh informs her about the Marina/Ben kidnap situation. She is very worried about Shayne. Reva announces that she'll be on the first flight home. At the cabin where an unbalanced Ben still has the frightened Marina hostage, Shayne is outside peering in through a window. Ben tells Marina that he's glad they waited and he was meant to be her first. Marina asks if he is going to rape her. Marina pleads with Ben to stop, that it isn't right. Outside, Shayne has a container of gasoline and a lighter. He sets it on fire and throws it into the open window. Ben is able to quickly extinguish the fire and goes outside to look for the culprit. Unseen, Shayne runs inside and frees Marina ankles from the duct tape. Ben bursts in. Shayne and Ben begin to argue then physically fight. Ben grabs the injector and presses it against Shayne's neck. Marina grabs a hatchet from the fireplace. Ben gives her an ultimatum: drop it or he'll kill Shayne. Marina drops the hatchet. Ben talks about himself in the third person. He says that she's buying into the Ben's a bad guy, a psycho, a killer. He says that she is against him. Marina pleads that she is trying to protect Ben from doing something he'll regret. She mentions the teacher and this upsets him. He doesn't want anyone else to know about that. Marina pleads that they can go away together. She tells him that she still loves him and wants to help him forget. Ben wishes he could believe her. Shayne struggles to get the injector out of Ben's grasp. Ben and Shayne fight again and the injector is thrown free. Ben manages to recover the injector and grab hold of Marina. Suddenly, Frank bursts in and points his gun at Ben. Shayne tries to save Marina, but Frank holds him back. Frank puts the gun down and attempts to negotiate with Ben. Ben wants them to leave them alone. Ben says that Frank turned Marina against him with lies. Frank confesses that he is guilty of that, but be was trying to protect his daughter. Frank admits that it was his second chance to be a good dad. Frank tries to talk to Ben about second chances. He urges Ben to put the injector down and let Marina go. He promises that if Ben does the right thing, he'll be treated fairly. Ben spots a police officer outside with a gun. Frank orders all teams to stand down. Ben says nothing will ever be good again. His legacy will be the crazy guy who kidnapped Marina and was accused of murder. Marina tells Ben that she can still see the Ben who is smart and lovable. Ben says he doesn't remember how to be that way, because he's empty inside. Ben wonders why he couldn't have met her before; Marina is the only good real thing in his life. Again, Frank urges Ben to put down the injector. Frank reminds Ben that he loves Marina too much to hurt her. Ben proclaims to Marina that he loves her so much and it's the only thing he knows. Ben throws Marina away from him and stabs himself in the stomach with the injector. Frank calls for EMTs while Shayne comforts Marina. She bravely goes to Ben's side and takes his hand. Marina pleads with Ben to fight. Ben says that he's not worth it. He didn't think anyone would cry for him, but he's comforted to see Marina's tears. They both apologize to each other. Marina tells him not to speak. Ben pleads with Marina to never forget him. Marina begs him to hang in there. Ben closes his eyes.

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