Guiding Light

Season 52 Episode 24

Ep. #14215

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jul 31, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Olivia comes home and finds Phillip inside putting a baby crib together. Phillip explains that he paid the housekeeper $50 to let him in. Olivia laughs at Phillips inability to put a crib together. Olivia asks Phillip why he didn't pay someone to put the crib together. Phillip responds that he pays many people to do many things, but when it comes to his kids, he prefers a hands on approach. After the crib is put together, Olivia finds and extra piece to the crib on the floor. Phillip said that it is a duplicate just incase the other gets lost. Phillip puts a teddy bear in the crib and it falls apart. All-in-all, they had a rather civil visit. Reva arrives home and meets Josh at Company. Josh explains that Shayne stayed at the cabin with Marina. Marina stayed at the cabin to give her statement, and Shayne wanted to be with her. Reva asks how Ben is, and Josh explains that he is in the hospital due to injecting himself with the same toxic drug that was given to the woman at the country club. Reva finds it hard to believe that Ben is responsible for the murders. Reva tells Josh that they need to put their differences aside so they can help Shayne and Marina. Reva tells Josh that they should go up to the cabin to support Shayne. Josh explains that Shayne is being the supportive one for Marina. Josh tells Reva that Shayne risked his life for Marina. Reva wonders when her little boy grew up. At the cabin, Frank begins to question Marina. Marina explains how she was taken from the Bauer cabin and after that she didn't remember anything until she woke up in Ben's car. Frank asks whether Ben attacked her. Marina said he kissed her, but that's all. Marina tells her dad that if Shayne hadn't come in when he did, things could have gone further. Shayne interrupts and asks whether they can finish the statement latter because he wants to take her home. Marina, Shayne, and Frank go back to Company. Buzz offers to feed her but she is not hungry. Marina wonders whether she should go see Ben. Marina is getting a little too bothered with everyone asking her how she is doing. She stands up and tells everyone, just in case they are wondering, she is fine! Buzz tells her that if she needs to go ,somewhere to get things straight, to go ahead. Marina steps out unto the porch to be alone. Shayne notices she is gone, and comes outside to find her. Shayne offers to come with her if she wants to go see Ben. Marina tells Shayne of a poem that seems to be stuck in her head. There are things of which I may not speak There are dreams that cannot die There are thoughts that make a strong heart weak and bring a power into the cheek In a mist before the eye In the words of that fatal song come over me like a chill A boy's will is the winds will and the thoughts of youth are long long thoughts endearings woods are fresh and fair and with joy that is almost pain My heart goes back to wonder there and only dreams of the days that were I find my lost youth again and the strange and beautiful song the growths are repeating it still A boys will is the winds will and the thoughts of youth are long long thoughts Holly and Ross arrive at the hospital as Ben is being brought in. Dr. Rick Bauer explains to Jeffrey that there isn't anything they can do to reverse the effects of the toxic poison that Ben injected himself with, and even the smallest amount can be fatal. Jeffrey tells Rick that he needs a confession right now. Marah, Tony, Blake, Bill, and Ed Bauer arrive to show their support. Jeffrey comes out to explain to the family that Ben probably won't make it and asks if Ross would like to come in while he attempts to get a statement from Ben. Rick tells the family that Ben probably only has an hour to live because his organs are already shutting down. Ross tells Ben that he is aware of Ben's abuse at boarding school, and tells him that he would have understood and would have been able to help him if he would have opened up. Jeffrey begins to question Ben about his high school girlfriend, Bridget. Ben tells Jeffrey that she wanted sex, but he wasn't ready. Bridget started laughing at him so he put his hands around her throat so that she would stop laughing. She stopped breathing, and he left her in the cave, because he was scared. Simmons, the former coroner and murder victim, was a teacher at Ben's school. He mentioned that a body had been found in the cave. Jeffrey asks him whether he killed Simmons to cover up Bridget's death. Ben said that he had to. Ben explains that he met Renee (murder victim) at school, and she knew about Bridget's death. Renee was blackmailing Ben, so he killed her. Ariana (murder victim) was killed because she was Renee's roommate and he thought that Renee had told her. Jeffrey asked Ben why he didn't kill Marina. He said he couldn't hurt anyone anymore and he loved her. Jeffrey asked why he injected himself, and Ben said because he couldn't hurt anymore. Ben asks Jeffrey if he believes in hell. Jeffrey doesn't respond, but Ben tells him that he does believe in hell because he is already there. Ben asks to speak to Ross. He tells Ross to give his grandmother's inheritance to Marina. Ross tells him that he has done the right thing. Jeffrey announces to those in the waiting room that Ben made a full confession. Holly blames herself for not seeing any of the signs. Rick tells the family that Ben doesn't have much time so if anyone wants to see him, now is the time. Holly, Michelle, and Bill go in first. Ben starts to experience breathing problems. Marah and Tony go outside for some fresh air. Marah tells Tony that she needs to go see her mother and Shayne.

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