Guiding Light

Season 53 Episode 217

Ep. #14662

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM May 10, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mallet reveals to Harley that she's supposed to be transferred to a dangerous prison. He can only offer her protection if she's willing to trust him. Harley makes an emotional appeal to Lena to keep quiet about her jasmine memory but later Lena calls Alan and sells out Harley. Gus returns to free Alan from the locked room, only to find him missing. But when he hears footsteps, he hides in the room to set a trap for his captor. He catches Olivia and realizes she's the one who locked him away. He notices she is wearing a jasmine scented perfume and is more convinced than ever Olivia is guilty of Phillip's murder. Gus lays out the facts for Bill, who starts to believe Olivia could be the murderer. They go to confront Olivia and realize she's gone. Reva runs into Nate, the handsome stranger from the hotel. Reva has a good time with Nate who seems more than happy to lavish her with attention. Reva is shocked when she thinks she sees Tammy at the bar but doesn't get the chance to confront her. Jonathan and Tammy run into each other in the hallway outside their hotel rooms. Jonathan admits he needs help with his work and Tammy is touched when he admits to having dyslexia. Sandy arrives and breaks up the close moment between the two. Sandy and Tammy kiss until she gets uncomfortable and pulls away.

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