Guiding Light

Season 54 Episode 194

Ep. #14892

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBS
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Ep. #14892

Lizzie gets drunk and goes to pay Jonathan's bail. She tells him she's ready to raise some hell and has brought along more booze. They run into Coop and Ava and Jonathan hits Coop in the face. The boys are fighting when Tammy and Marina come along and Marina has to stop Tammy from running to Jonathan. Coop walks off with Ava and Remy takes Tammy away and uses the opportunity to ask her out. Lizzie and Jonathan get even drunker at Outskirts and end up making out. Frank tells Buzz he wants to take Olivia back to the lodge but Buzz thinks of making love with Olivia there and suggests it's not the best idea. Buzz later tells Olivia that he hates lying to his son and needs to know if she is happy with Frank. Olivia says she is and wants to forget the intimacy with Buzz ever happened. But she's annoyed when Buzz readily agrees. Unfortunately, Frank overhears their conversation and yells at his father. He decides to move out. Olivia and Buzz ask each other if they have feelings for the other but neither of them wants to admit the truth so they're at a stalemate. Alan questions Alan-Michael, wondering how Marina would feel if she knew the part Alan-Michael played in Ross' death. Alan-Michael and Alan can't agree on who should be CEO and they end up fighting outside of Company. Alan says Marina left Alan-Michael because he is a weakling but Marina arrives and says Alan-Michael is ten times the man Alan will ever be.

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