Guiding Light

Season 58 Episode 56

Ep. #15760

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Phillip gathers the immediate family for a small memorial service on a beach to scatter Alan's ashes. Alex has the hardest time with it and later is surprised to see Fletcher back to console her. James and Phillip pick up where James and Alan left off with playing frisbee together and later Phillip tells Beth that he is more at peace now even though he is sad. Remy finds out that he and Christina are not really married due to a lack of a marriage license filing and she tells him that they are having a baby. Cyrus bakes cookies for Mel for her birthday and they end up in bed together. Daisy finds out that she was moved up on the waiting list for Berkeley and she has to leave very soon and tells James who tells her to go. Danny and Michelle surprise Rick by moving back to Springfield. Ed surprises Holly with a trip around the world and she agrees to go with him. Josh tells Billy that he is going to kidnap Reva and marry her but realizes that Reva is just not ready to move on and Josh decides to leave town anyway. Cassie tells Reva to give the house she bought for Jonathan and Tammy to Jonathan and he accepts it. Jeffrey tracks down Edmund again, but is unable to kill him. Edmund taunts him by saying that Jeffrey loves the chase.

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