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  • I love guilden light it is the best soap opera in town I live to watch this show it is the must exciting,fun filling and best of all times. I hope it last forever on tv land.

    The best soap opera on tv land today I love watching and waiting to see whats going to happen next. I love all the cast and actors who play ever role on the show. so please continue to let my show come on every day during the week I really apperciate your review.
  • The Guiding Light has been a really smart show for a number of years but it seems something has happened to the writing. Bring back the great storylines.

    For a number of years I thought as far as Daytime Dramas (Soaps) goes, this was one of the best. I am beginning to re-think this position. The whole Josh/Cassie thing has been a real unwelcome storyline for me. I know people are not perfect but really... what woman learns that her sister and brother in-law are apart due to her sister's cancer and continues a love affair with him even though she knows the truth. What woman really thinks she is entitled to her sister's husband? What husband would be so callous once he knew the truth? Pathetic storyline.
  • They have surely lost their way...

    I have loved Guiding Light since I was a young girl...I watched with my grandmother...but they have lost their way. They have completely disregarded all Guiding Light history, made ridiculous choices for couples (Marina and Alan Michael???--He's old enough to be her father, but then again...there's the history...) and I can't stand Cassie, let alone Cassie and makes my skin crawl. But worst of all is the Daisy screw-up. Daisy is actually the correct age...but unfortunately, they SORAS'ed Marina, who was born after her, as was Lizzie. The writers have ruined this show by blowing off all history. The only reason I am still even thinking about watching is I hope that they will redeem Reva, and have her kick Cassie's butt.
  • Great and classic show :-)

    This show is perfect. Maybe is not perfect for me but is perfect for people who watch this show 30, 40, 50 years. For this people, this show is absolutely number one. For me, this show is not number one, but i like watch this sometimes and i give 10/10 :-) The storyline maybe is not very goog, but for me is... good :-) This show have old viewers... 80, 70, 60 years old, who watch this show for decades. This is sad... this show have small young viewers. I don't understand one thing. In Great Britiain, the oldest soap "Coronation Street" is most popular series... and this show is on tv 47 years ! Maybe is old, but is very popular. Guiding Light is old... and is not very popular. I think, tv should switch this show in primetime :-) This is the longest show on the world ! Tv should switch this in primetime... in my opinnion :-) Sorry for my english :-)
  • I'm sure the talent is still there but appears we've forgotten where to look. The names are the same but that is all I recognize anymore.

    Acting class 101 ?? Is this more interesting for the actors ?
    The program is going off on so many tangents that I'm starting to feel it's a waste of time to tape for after work viewing. Comic book characters ? Skits, inprovization, interuptions in plotlines ? What are we looking for ?
    The concept of the program is getting lost and it's
    getting very hard to discern anything understandable from the plot or storyline. The characters and storylines are so fractured.
    Could be why there seems to be an increasing number of
    cast departures... sadly.
    This used to be one of my favorite with interesting characters... Not so much anymore... Mixed feelings about the wednesday "in-depth" episodes but can assure you that the "comic" book hero and/or the "old time" skits are definately not the direction to help.
    Please... where is the writing "team"
    Thanks for listening. Will watch for changes- then decide.
  • This is the #1 soap.

    I cant believe Blake Marler is now mayor. I thought after Ross died she wouls be to upset to be mayor. I wish they would show more of the kids Kevin and Jason. They are so cute, and im sure we will see more of them. I have been watching GL for 7 years now. I love all of the characters on the show. Alan and Beth, to me, all ways have a great story line. Just as long as they don't drag it out. Like with Michelle having lost her memory. That was getting old. Other then them dragging out story lines, it is a pretty good show. The only thing i wish they sould show more of is the Marler
  • It's a great show. It all ways keeps me wanting to come back for more.

    I have been watching GL for 7 years now. I use to like that soap operas were the dumbest thing on tv. I remember my mom was watching GL, and I decided to sit down and watch it with her. From then on I was hooked. I love all of the characters on the show, but Alan and Beth. They, to me, all ways have a great story line. Just as long as they don't drag it out. Like with Michelle having lost her memory. That was getting old. Other then them dragging out story lines, it is a pretty good show.
  • GL is a wonderful show.I never miss it.They just get better and better.The only thing is I am not to happy with the marvel comics in with the soap.They need to leave that part out.

    I was raised on this soap,and I love it.Reva is a wonderful
    actress.The whole cast of GL is surperb.Josh and Reva are a
    great couple and go so good together.They have really been
    through alot in their lives,and I do hope that they get back
    together.Jonathan is a good actor also.My favorites in this
    soap are Frank,Reva,Josh,Billy,and Jonathan.I have been watching GL since 1955.It just gets better all the time.I'm
    glad that Marah will be coming back.I never miss a eposide.Harley did a good job with new super power.I was so hoping that she would have helped Reva.
  • I thought the comic segment with Harley was a blast. I had complete admiration for the writers brilliance and Harley.

    I thought the comic segment with Harley was a blast. I had complete admiration for the writers brilliance and Harley. She loved playing that part and it showed. I just wish she had touched Reva causing her cancer to go into remission and allowing her body to get better so she could spend the rest of her days with the one true love of her life in marital bliss until her life ends unexpectedly. This happens only when her contract expires and she is ready to leave the show.
    Reva has always been the light on guiding light. I hate to think of the show without Reva. Harley
    will help Reva fans hang in there and eventually fill her shoes in the show but the love and light in Reva will be missed. Josh should have known better. I hope he see the “light” and Loves Reva even more and tells Cassie that somehow, he was looking for Reva in her.
  • Josh learns the truth!!!

    It's been a long time coming Josh and the rest of the Family finally learn the truth of Reva's medical condition. I really thought that Reva was going to drive off that bridge without anyone knowing of her medical condition besides Billy and Jonathan. Now that the truth is out what's going to happen between Josh and Cassie? Will they stay together? Or will Josh choose to stay by Reva's side until the very end? Will Reva get a mircale and survive the cancer do to the love and support from family and freinds? Just have to tune in next week for the answers.
  • I absolutely adore Guiding Light. I have watched it since the Spring of 1991 and do not miss an episode. I tape the show everyday and only fast forward the commercials.

    I have read here and on other sites that people feel that Guiding Light is not as good as it once was. I feel that no matter what executive producer or head writer is working on the show, there is a feel to Guiding Light that is different than any other soap. I have watched every soap at some point in time, but Guiding Light is the one that I have stuck with. I started watching (in 1991) when Roger Thorpe was cheating on Alexandra Spaulding (then played by Beverly McKinsey) with Mindy Lewis. Mindy was pregnant with Roger's child and then had a miscarriage. Currently, I love that Olivia and Buzz are together. I hope things work out in the long run for them. I love Dinah and Mallet together. I also love Harley and Gus (and hope an entertaining storyline is soon developed for them). I love Reva and Josh and am wondering where this cancer storyline will end up. I LOVE Matt and Vanessa and am SO excited that they have returned to Springfield (now if they would only be offered contracts!). I am thoroughly entertained by Jonathan (Tom Pelphrey is a great actor). I love the Inside the Light episodes. I love how it often gives insight into one character. Some of my favorite storylines and characters since I started watching: -Matt & Vanessa falling in love (LOVED the scene when Vanessa was holding a dinner at the country club and when Matt walked in as Bridget's guest, it became slow motion and Vanessa dropped her glass)
    -The Who Shot Roger? storyline (starting with the night he was shot. The scene with him in the greenhouse/pottery house, shot, playing over the scene of Mindy and Nick dancing at their engagement party, and with the music that was playing, WOW!) -pretty much anything to do with Harley or Olivia (love both of them)Loved Harley and Mallet, Harley and Phillip, Harley and Gus, Olivia and Bill, Olivia and Buzz
    -as much as I hated to see Maureen die, the whole storyline surrounding Lillian and Ed's affair was amazing (and the reason Ellen Parker won the emmy that year, I think)(I cried and cried and cried during the special montage they had for her character at the end of the show when she died...or maybe it was after the funeral)
    -pretty much any storyline featuring Maureen Garrett as Holly
    -loved Cynthia Watros as Annie Dutton
    -Jerry ver Dorn was amazing as Ross (he had a way of building up a scene where he had to get angry, instead of just shouting the whole time)
    -the scenes surrounding the car crash and the twins coming from two fathers (Ross and Rick) were amazing, especially between Ross and Blake
    -loved the episode of the bachelor party (I think it was Hampton's) that featured only the males of the show
    -loved the episode that was a dream sequence of Ross winning a seat in the senate or something

    I could go on and on and on....
    Clearly I LOVE Guiding Light!
  • They have taken a great story line and just totally made it last too long. It is to the point that I am loosing interest and getting tired of it.

    I am sure that I am not the only person getting tired of this Reva situation. First of all, I love Reva. But this is completely crazy for this situation to go on as long as it has. Even for her character to have let it go on this long is crazy. The writers have taken a good story and made it completely unbelievable and it sickens me to see what they are letting happen. If it was not for the situation with Lizzie I do not even know if I would be watching right now. I am Tired of Ava...she will be found out to be a twit...Cassie is tacky...Dinah needs to stand up to Jeffery and stop cowing down..So in a nut shell. They really need to do something to bring some life back into the show. But enough already with Reva and Josh. Stop playing games with something so emotional as cancer and affairs.....
  • It's come a long way, baby. Now it just needs to find its way back.

    Can someone please explain why the writers thought it was OK to make 2 first cousins become love intrests. That's ridiculous. Besides that gross display, there so many other missteps that this show has taken. I haven't watched it regularly in over 2 years since Gus used to be a FBI agent and was investigating Harley. To me, that was the last plausible storyline on the show. Why is it that Josh is dating Reva's sister? And is it true that Alan Spaulding killed Phillip? Why? So many things on this show make no sense-so I gave up on it very recently all together.
  • Over the top with the Josh and Cassie storyline

    I have been watching guiding Light for more years than I care to admit. My friends and I have \"soap\" parties, we have tivo night, where we watch several episodes and have a discussion. Lots of fun!! HOWERVER, your new story line with Josh and Cassie has put an end to all of us watching at all. Noone enjoys this, this time you have gone over the line of acceptable fiction. We will keep checking to see if and when we can return to our show, we miss it and our \"friends\". Hope this apalling new twist is over soon.

    Thank You for your time,
    Sue Lindeborn
  • What's with all the cast changes?

    What\'s with all the changing of stars? I will never get use to the new Cassie, or even Lizzie. Bring back Danny without Michelle. Put Buzz with Olivia. Eva I can\'t stand.
    The story line with Reva is great, it\'s a real tear jerker. But, how can the show even think of putting Josh with Cassie? She dosn\'t have the moral of a alley cat. Give Billy a love interest, he\'s just a big Teddy bear. Put Blake with Jeffery, Let them find out that Ross is realy alive and come back, and have Blake torned between both of them.
    Just a few of my thoughts.
  • i LOVE this show i watch this show every weekday and never miss one day this show aways keeps you guessing.

    This show i dont know what to say but fabulous it is the best soap there is and will ever be. i love it like reva and jon oh love them they are always keeping the drama up the scale and i dont know why reva does not tell josh about her cancer but whatever maybe she will i dont know and jon with lizzie baby what is that i dont know it is crazy i would have never have guessed that would you? it is crazy if you asked me. all it know is that i will always watch
  • All the cast who attended SuperStar Weekend 06 at Paramount Kings Dominion

    I just wanted to write and say, I love all of you. You are all so awesome. I have never met anyone as down to earth as the cast of Guiding Light. I won the Scene Stealer with Rob Bogue and he was great. It was a dream of a lifetime to be on stage acting out a scene with " Mallet". He was everything I expected as a person and more. I have attended both Superstar weekends for the past 2 years, and including As The World Turns just made it more wonderful. I have been watching Guiding Light and As The world Turns since I was a young child and I will always continue to watch it.

    Love, Debbie
  • I think that guiding light is on fire right now

    we have the lizzie, tammy, jon, ava, and coop pregnancy,props to the writers for incorporing lizzie into the boring tmmay jon their i love you but i can\\\'t be with you was really getting old at least they are now reunited (but for how long), harley and gus, dinah and mallet and we got to see the vet rick, beth, blake in promising storyline
    last year i felt that the storylines were hard to follow cause it seems that the writers were unable to keep track with but man now they do i only hope that GL can keep its currrent momentum and keep on getting better
  • I think that Guiding Light is the greatest soap on tv. My wife got me hooked on it. Keep up the good work.

    As a man, I think that it is the best soap on television. I know that men don\'t usually watch soaps, but my wife got me hooked on it. There must be more men that me out there who watch soaps. Let\'s hear from some of you and give Guiding Light the boost that it deserves from everyone. Kim Zimmer is the greatest and Beth Ehlers is next. I hope Reva and Josh make their renewed relationship work out to their best.. The show won\'t be the same if they can\'t work it out and stay split. Keep it up, Guiding Light Gang.
  • What a wonderfull tv show to watch. Over the years I've enjoyed the consistantly great writing and wonderful acting. In Lanisng Michigan, We have always had CBS soaps on the radio, 87.7. So if were at work or in the car , you can always hear the Light

    Like most 30 years fans of GL, I grew up watching with family. I was so happy the other evening win they won 4 acting Emmys. Congratulations I was especially thrilled When Jordan Clarke won. It nice to see such long time, committed actors to be recognized. It\'s just to bad that either Ron Raines or Robert Newman didn\'t win. I've been enjoying the storylines this past year. Although was disappointed to see Jerry ver Dorn leave the show. But now, Blakes storyline can really be developed. She great! Gine Trog. was a wonderful addition to the show also. And it always nice to have Maeve Kincaid back for occassionally episodes. Would love to have her back under contract.
  • This show was actually good a few years ago.

    It started getting weird, and went downhill ever since. Lets see....Reva has driven off a bridge, which could be realistic, but then she turns up years later, having already been a Princess of a small island, then somehow she goes from that to being Amish? OK. Then all of a sudden, she's home to find out that her husband missed her so badly that he had her cloned. Then the clone decided she wanted to be the original, and kidnapped Reva. Um, yeah. I finally called it quits when they decided that Reva could jump into pictures, or whatever it was she could do. Then she's psychic, then she's got a talk show. I don't know. It kept getting more far-fetched by the minute. And has every woman in town flipped out and kidnapped a small army of people at some point? Holly took all the kids, Beth got Gus and Alan (YEAH RIGHT). Olivia went from being the almost-princess of san cristobal to pretty much a prostitute in Springfield. And is San Cristobal as close as the next town? I know for a while there, half the residents of Springfield would take off for San Cristobal at the drop of a hat. Cross Creek must be on the way, b/c they spend a lot of time there too. That reminds me something else about the island. Did they bring half the people there back with them? Richard, Edmund, Olivia, didn't they bring some of the royal staff or whatever back too? Just too strange.
  • Change The Writing... Good Call

    I like the writing style the show has now undertaken. The single character episodes make me want to watch more. Yes, it does still involve every character it can, but this is a much better format than the constant three-part episode writing of every other soap opera out there. I think this has potential in the long run to bring people in from the cold that is the current state of daytime drama, and give them something they're used to.
  • Needs to keep faith with it's history.

    I have watched and loved the light since age 3 in 59 at my mom's side.
    I was happy to see the recent appearance of Rev. Rutledge-a decendant of the early lead character.Bring back the Baur family,front and center.Renew your rich heritage i say.
    Stop repeating storylines so often,with differant characters.I still love the light.
  • Guiding Light has always been my favorite soap.

    Guiding Light has always been my favorite soap opera on daytime tv. I started watching it with my mom in the 80's when I was a teenager and now I record it on my DVR everyday so I will not miss it. It has become very exciting waiting to see what happens between tammy and jonathan. I do think that cassie should eventually give in and just accept jonathan. After all Tammy loves him. I don't like the fact that Josh and Reva split. They were my favorite couple of all time. I love this show and will keep watching
  • Its the greatest soap on CBS and is tied at #1 with General Hopital on ABC.

    This is one of the best soaps still around. It has supassed 53 yrs on Daytime TV. It is the longest running soap. It still goes against controversial issues of framed murder, rape, being married to more than one person, and even the current \"Kisssing Cousins\" story line. The story line did turn me away a little bit, only b/c of the Mac & Billy storyline on Y& R. But Johnathan and Tammy they have that love that Reva and Josh did and it seems that they will last thru watever life through at them.
  • Guiding Light used to be a show I loved. Bad writing has limited its character development and its storylines. For years the drama wasn't self contained in each episode, it developed over time because of compelling stories and great characters. Now

    What is wrong with the writers on this show? Are they completely incapable of writing a scene with more than one character? The writing is the poorest it has been in about seven years. Must suck that Grant Alexsander didn\'t take it too well that he was let go. Now you have a huge problem. Why even hint that he was still alive if you didn\'t have him committed to come back because no one will ever be able to play that role again, it is his.

    If I remember correctly, right after Michele got out of the hospital - after the explosion that Danny had set, before her affair with Tony - Michele had said she was \"late\" but it was never brought up again. Now she is back, pregnant, and has no idea who the father is - isn\'t this a serious plot mistake.

    I also have no idea how Cassie could become \"friends\" with Dinah (Gina Togninni is one of the few bright spots on this show - her and Tom Pelphrey.) - This is the woman who killed R.J.\'s father in an attempt to kill her. Don\'t the writers ever think about that? Why don\'t they ever write some real dramatic scenes between these women that deal with that very real fact. Its because they are lightweights and afraid to write something true.

    But the worst writing of all surrounds the character of Tammy Lane Winslow. This must be the single dumbest citizen of Springfield ever. How can the writers keep up this story about two first cousins completely in love with each other. It is illegal in most states for first cousins to shack up together. This is a blood relative. This is why it was so evil what he was doing to her. If you remember, Sandy was in love with Marah at one point, and he was just pretending to be Jonathon, and he never acted on that passion (even though she felt it as well)because it would be seen as sleeping with his half-sister. Why is it OK for Tam-Tam to sleep with the real cousin? Tammy\'s scenes lack any credibility or passion whatsoever. She is the anti-Harley, someone who just accepts her torments and believes whatever anyone tells her. Why didn\'t the writers have the courage to highlight the fact that it was Jonathon who supplied Lizzie Spaulding with the drugs she used to drug Tammy\'s boyfriend the night they were supposed to be together? Isn\'t that even more insight into the evil that is Jonathon? How could she be attracted to him - it makes no sense.

    One other thing --- why is Edmund the badguy at all for what is happening behind Cassie\'s back. She deserves some of it doesn\'t she? She was basically having an affair with Jeffrey (the man who at one point was in love with her niece and actually slept with her niece) right under Edmund\'s nose. Her character is, for the most part, a slut. She\'ll sleep with whoever is available. No wonder her daughter is such an imbecile. Cassie just lets whatever man is around her take care of her. She is incapable of being on her own and that sort of makes her pathetic. (I mean come on - how could she fall in love with a man who locked her in a tower and several times came close to causing her and his brother\'s death.) A story should have continuity and be somewhat believable to its dedicated viewers, Guiding Light is no longer that show.

    Grant Alexander was very smart for turning down Proctor and Gamble\'s pittance offering to come back as Philip. This show is going off the cliff fast.
  • Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives may be the best shows on TV right now, but Guiding Light is still the oldest.

    Guiding Light, boys and girls, is the single oldest show in the history of television. That is to say, it has lasted long by FAR than any other show in history.

    Guiding Light started out on radio, going strong for 15 years, than in the early 50s made its way to television, where it has remained ever since.

    Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives may be the best shows on TV right now, but Guiding Light is still the oldest. The best and oldest soap opera in history is both CBS's oldest show and the oldest show period.

    Guiding Light will undoubtedly live for decades to come
  • I am 27 and i have been watching this show for 20 years.

    For twenty years now I have been a dedicated fan and veiwer of guiding light. I think the show is just as fun today as it was back then. The story lines are hott and so are all the newcomers to the show. The new generation in Springfield will surprise us all and leave us longing for more. (as long as they keep Johnathan around) Im gonna keep watching and loving all that the writers throw at us the viewers. No other show on tv has ever held me interested half as long as this one. this is my GUIDING LIGHT!!!
  • Best Years are Far Gone

    This Show was best from 1992-2000. This show has way to many characters now, to many story lines. My favorite storyline of all time was The Annie-Reva-Joshua Storyline, Annie was one crazy Bitch, I don\'t think they respect reva anymore she gets all the crap storylines, she belongs with joshua she is old enough to stop being a slut now...
  • falling fast? i dont think so i've been watching guiding light since 1979 the only way a show can hold a viewer for that long is interesting caracters and storylines.

    falling fast? i dont think so i've been watching guiding light since 1979 the only way a show can hold a viewer for that long is interesting caracters and storylines falling fast? not in my life time there were times i thought about quiting guiding light but the interesting caracters keep pulling me back
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