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  • this would be the biggest mistake to remove this show

    i love this show, it is like part of my family, but better
    this show is very good. i was very upset when i read that they were going to take it off in Sept.
    please change your mind.
    Or tell me that the actors want to leave the show.
    I cann't see that you could ever replace this show with anything better, or even as good.
    i have been in love with show for over 20 years, cann't even think what i would do without my GL fix.
    even if i miss a show i catch up very fast, online, this is a great
  • Please do not get rid of this show :( It would be heartbreaking.

    In my opinion, this show is by far the best soap on television. It's not near as cheesy as most. Everyone in my family and relatives outside of my immediate family watch this show religiously. It would be a great disappointment if this show was gone in September. After 72 years you would think that this show would be the last one that they would want to get rid of so quickly. This show has been a part of my life since I was a baby and the cast are like family to me. It would be a devastating loss.

    I have been watching these shows since I was born please bring them back. Not everything must be real. I miss the whole cast. I grew up watching these shows with my grandmother and my mother. Now they are all gone. I always felt like they were a part of my family and I could not wait to see them again.
  • Normally I would go, "TURN OFF THAT LIGHT!" but...

    ...there's something about this light that's...special. It isn't a crappy teenage drama, it isn't a boring teen show like SWAC, it's been on for many graceful years, and it excited me when I saw bits and pieces of it while channel surfing. I'm wondering how it kept so many fans and still had somewhat good of a following, made it to the Guinness Book, and STILL is a household name after all these years on air. Trust me, at first glance I wanted to extinguish it, but after seeing a few episodes, I love it. Please, if you're sick of the teen drama stuff, watch Guiding Light instead...
  • I'm PO CBS you get rid of GL for as the price is right come on guys...I would rather go stick my head in the sand than to sit here and watch as the price is right...Come on...Bring GL back...

    I can remember watching this show as a little girl... Being 25 almost 26, this is the only show I like watching...Now I have nothing to do being a sahm, my children love this show as well...I love seeing all of them...They are like my family...I very sad about seeing this show go...So maybe down the line here in about a couple of months you rating will go down so just maybe you guys will bring it back to us...PLEASE... Im heart broken... Reba we love you and Gosh (josh) we love you as well too... I cried when Alan died :( cant believe that happen what so ever...
  • Its like taking away some ones security blanket we all like following along with the people in Springfields lives, do not stop airing this show!

    To not air this show would take away from the elderly, the young the middle aged and even some men I know watch this show! they don't admit it but they do watch it!
    People have watched this show all their lives. The edlerly who sit in the retirement centers,and hospice who watch this show daily! and have for most of their lives. New mothers who grew up watching this show,their mothers and grand mothers. Guiding Light is a part of our history! that is what you'd take away when removing this show from the air waves! we all like following along with the people in Springfields lives, do not stop airing this show
  • I don't understand why you are getting rid of the show. I have been watching it since I was little. My mom got me hooked on it. It is my favorite soap, and I think it is stupid for you to get rid of it!

    This is a show that should stay on the air until there is no one to watch it. It isn't like the other soaps. I can't get into the others. I work until 3pm when it comes on. I dvr it, and rush home so i can watch it. I don't understand how you can just cancel a show that even the young folks like me love to watch. I talk about it all the time with my co-workers on lunch break to gossip about what is going on. Please please please don't cancel it. I would have nothing to look forward to when I come home from a long day at work. Why canel it after 75 years, why not keep it going and see if you can make it another 25 to 75 years!!! If you don't listen to the viewers what type of show are you going to put in its place?? Viewers should have a say in what happens to a show, Right?
  • Please don't cancel this show!!!! It is the best SOAP on TV!! How could this happen???? It has to be them changing the time it's on...

    Please don't cancel this show!!!! It is the best SOAP on TV!! How could this happen???? It has to be them changing the time it's on... Where I live it's only on at 9am alot of people can't watch if it was still running at 3pm maybe the rating would be higher.My husband recently became addicted. I have watched for 31 years. I am seriosly disturbed by this!!!! Please there has to be something the fans can do!!!!

    Realistic story lines, Love the outside scenes in Peapack , NJ.... The show is great, the cast!! They just brought back Grant Alexander!!! This sucks....If they brought back Jonathon and Sarah I am sure ratings would go up...cmon there has to be something that can be done????

    Guiding Light Fan for Life!!!

  • The zeal of the writers and sponsors for the young, audience spells the death knell for GL. I have enjoyed you since watching with my Grandmother during the 50's on into the 80's with my own children. Oh I wished to share you with my grandchildren.

    I am deeply disappointed that CBS is pulling GL. I have watched during good writing and bad for just over 50 years. I was watching it devotedly in the late 60's,70's, and early 80's losing interest when the younger (I was only 20) audiences were sought. My children have continued to watch (they're in their late 20's and 30's) and have the same complaint I had then,story lines were deleting the older, well loved/hated characters and very rarely looked back into the old stories for historical data (who was barren and miraculously gives birth etc.) The actors in most cases were excellent, the writing suffered greatly and thus killed GL. Killing Alan and sending Josh off are just two examples.
  • Oldest soap on daytime focussing on the residents of Springfield and the people that work at Cedars hospital

    Without Grant Aleksander why bother????? He was why I started watching the show.... I remember flipping channels back in 83 and seeing this absolutely gorgeous man.... My son's middle name is Phillip....Can you guess why? But not only have they gotten rid of Grant but now Jerry Ver Dorn and Marj Dusay.... I don't even recognize half the cast anymore. There used to be a focus . I dont think there is anymore!
  • Over the top with the Josh and Cassie storyline

    I have been watching guiding Light for more years than I care to admit. My friends and I have \"soap\" parties, we have tivo night, where we watch several episodes and have a discussion. Lots of fun!! HOWERVER, your new story line with Josh and Cassie has put an end to all of us watching at all. Noone enjoys this, this time you have gone over the line of acceptable fiction. We will keep checking to see if and when we can return to our show, we miss it and our \"friends\". Hope this apalling new twist is over soon.

    Thank You for your time,
    Sue Lindeborn
  • bring them back on......

    we miss them so much and they need to be brought back on,if you were a kid and you watched shows growing up you wouldn't want them to leave either so how about it,do the right thing cbs and bring the soaps back.....the realality shows aren't working for alot us and you may want ot think so but we really want to leave things way they were.....your well missed just ask your fans?
  • Please someone plug the Light back in???!!!

    It has only been a little over 4 months since the Light was turned out. I say, why doesn't someone turn it back on?!! Can't one of the actors take over the show? (I.E. Crystal Chappel - Venice The Series) It can be written again, just change the name of the title, buy it, something. Not having this show that was so much a part of my everyday life since birth is really hard to take. CBS has lost my viewmanship, and my respect!

    As to the show, it was a constant companion since my Mother's death 20 years ago. I feel so lost without it, empty, numb. It was my contact with her. It became 'reality' tv to me, and a lot of other women, families in this country. We shared this show with our families. Everyone got involved. I NEVER thought it would end.

    I feel though, if someone does restore GL to tv, can they concentrate on the families more, and not make it about just 3 families? The Spauldings, Coopers, and Bauers are great, but what about the Reardons, the Santos, and some new families? Towns have more than just a few families in them, with more than just a few businesses. I would like to see the show made more real, but still have the history of the original. This is just my opinion, what's yours? I would like to say to all the actors of the show, you are missed! You are in our hearts, and keep smiling, maybe the Light will come back. God bless you all!
  • Way to Go, Guiding Light!!

    I have recently been watching Guiding Light again and must say that I have really been enjoying the modernization of the show. The setting really *does* seem to feel more interesting and realistic than it did before. The new style of editing, the music, and the pace hold my attention so much more than ever before. Every now and then, the actual picture quality seems to be off a tad, but all in all, it is great! It has also been extremely exciting to see a renewed focus on some of the precious Jeva moments. Keeping my fingers crossed for more Josh and Reva air time..... TOGETHER!!!
  • Josh learns the truth!!!

    It's been a long time coming Josh and the rest of the Family finally learn the truth of Reva's medical condition. I really thought that Reva was going to drive off that bridge without anyone knowing of her medical condition besides Billy and Jonathan. Now that the truth is out what's going to happen between Josh and Cassie? Will they stay together? Or will Josh choose to stay by Reva's side until the very end? Will Reva get a mircale and survive the cancer do to the love and support from family and freinds? Just have to tune in next week for the answers.
  • Are they available anywhere?

    recently put the first 25 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful on their website and I am enjoying it VERY much. It makes me wonder if there is anywhere that makes the rest of the series available? Also I would love to see The Guiding Light, As the World Turns, and the original episodes of The Young and the Restless. If the networks had any smarts, now that they have cancelled nearly all the soaps they should release all of them on DVD. I think for those of us that grew up with them, they could make a killing! I would certainly be willing to buy them! As far as I know, Dark Shadows is doing well on DVD so why not some of the "normal" soaps?
  • I started watching guiding light in 1983, the year that I graduated High School. I really liked the show and was hoping that they would bring some of the characters back from the 80's.

    I like some of the story lines. I am hoping that they get Josh & Reva back together for good this time. I like Bill & Lizzy together. It would be nice if they brought back some of the cast from the 80's, such as Annabelle. I loved the reporter series when Fletcher was on the show. He was always going to an island in a foreign country to do some type of investigative reporting. I think that they should bring Shayne & Maura back to the show. I liked Maura with Jeffrey. Whatever happened to Dr. Noah Drake, I loved him. Great story; however, it could be enhanced.
  • Guiding Light used to be a show I loved. Bad writing has limited its character development and its storylines. For years the drama wasn't self contained in each episode, it developed over time because of compelling stories and great characters. Now

    What is wrong with the writers on this show? Are they completely incapable of writing a scene with more than one character? The writing is the poorest it has been in about seven years. Must suck that Grant Alexsander didn\'t take it too well that he was let go. Now you have a huge problem. Why even hint that he was still alive if you didn\'t have him committed to come back because no one will ever be able to play that role again, it is his.

    If I remember correctly, right after Michele got out of the hospital - after the explosion that Danny had set, before her affair with Tony - Michele had said she was \"late\" but it was never brought up again. Now she is back, pregnant, and has no idea who the father is - isn\'t this a serious plot mistake.

    I also have no idea how Cassie could become \"friends\" with Dinah (Gina Togninni is one of the few bright spots on this show - her and Tom Pelphrey.) - This is the woman who killed R.J.\'s father in an attempt to kill her. Don\'t the writers ever think about that? Why don\'t they ever write some real dramatic scenes between these women that deal with that very real fact. Its because they are lightweights and afraid to write something true.

    But the worst writing of all surrounds the character of Tammy Lane Winslow. This must be the single dumbest citizen of Springfield ever. How can the writers keep up this story about two first cousins completely in love with each other. It is illegal in most states for first cousins to shack up together. This is a blood relative. This is why it was so evil what he was doing to her. If you remember, Sandy was in love with Marah at one point, and he was just pretending to be Jonathon, and he never acted on that passion (even though she felt it as well)because it would be seen as sleeping with his half-sister. Why is it OK for Tam-Tam to sleep with the real cousin? Tammy\'s scenes lack any credibility or passion whatsoever. She is the anti-Harley, someone who just accepts her torments and believes whatever anyone tells her. Why didn\'t the writers have the courage to highlight the fact that it was Jonathon who supplied Lizzie Spaulding with the drugs she used to drug Tammy\'s boyfriend the night they were supposed to be together? Isn\'t that even more insight into the evil that is Jonathon? How could she be attracted to him - it makes no sense.

    One other thing --- why is Edmund the badguy at all for what is happening behind Cassie\'s back. She deserves some of it doesn\'t she? She was basically having an affair with Jeffrey (the man who at one point was in love with her niece and actually slept with her niece) right under Edmund\'s nose. Her character is, for the most part, a slut. She\'ll sleep with whoever is available. No wonder her daughter is such an imbecile. Cassie just lets whatever man is around her take care of her. She is incapable of being on her own and that sort of makes her pathetic. (I mean come on - how could she fall in love with a man who locked her in a tower and several times came close to causing her and his brother\'s death.) A story should have continuity and be somewhat believable to its dedicated viewers, Guiding Light is no longer that show.

    Grant Alexander was very smart for turning down Proctor and Gamble\'s pittance offering to come back as Philip. This show is going off the cliff fast.
  • I think we should all protest/boycott the CBS stations,Proctor & Gamble for taking this show off the air. I know for me i will not be purchasing ANY of the Proctor and Gamble products no matter how tempting they may be.

    stop buying their products, they say that actions speak in volumes well lets' see if it really does? they all are great characters!!!!!does this have anything to do with GM going under???s really bad decision on Proctor and Gambles part as well as CBS! you have lost a loyal fan and consumer....guess maybe i don't matter???i will NOT be purchasing anything else to do with Proctor and Gamble no matter what it is!! and cbs lost another loyal fan@@ good luck to them both. will the GL be picked up on antoher channe? does anyone know??? I mean they are bringing back major characters, how are they just gonna drop this show after 71+ years? i don't get it..i would be willing to bet that just as many men watch this as women///
  • I just heard today about the cancellation of GL, and I have to say I'm shocked! After 72 years, 57 on TV alone, I really think its sad to just axe something so quickly, and after so long, its not right.

    I have watched this show since I was a little kid (and yes I do watch soaps) and I can not believe they are about to go off the air, its really sad how networks are now so quick to jump the gun on such classic, long-running shows these days. So it had a bad couple of years in the ratings, and I'm not so sure I believe in whatever or whoever determines such ratings, but to cancel the show. So drastic, so fast. So many networks have been doing this lately, and its sickening. Claiming to be due to the downfall of the economy, seems to be an overused phrase these days.
    I'm really disappointed that they could take such a show and especially when its just starting to get good again, with the plot twists, the miraculous resurrections, small miracles and now finally they get a gay storyline out there, just as ATWT which apperently is next to be chopped) and it seems almost as if when that happens the networks cancel it. I have to say, for a nation supposably so diverse, and advanced compared to so many, to think that our minds are still back in the dark ages. Well all I can say is that I thank the cast of Guiding Light for an excellent run, great storylines, and I will miss you. I just hope that those who love the show will remember what it was, and not who made such a drastic and so wrong decision.
    I just hope that maybe one day that I will get the chance to see some of the great cast members of the show again somewhere else. Like Kim Zimmer, Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis III), Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding), Nicole Forrester (Cassie Lewis), and so many others. I thank you for doing such a wonderful job, at keeping us all so greatly entertained throughout the years, and I sincerely hate to see you go.

    Best of luck to all the cast, and thanks again!
  • Shining for 70 years and beyond.

    Guiding Light takes a lot of flack, but they've got to be doing something right to last as long as it has. The longest running show in broadcast history, Guiding Light has seen and done it all, and for the most part, before anyone else has ever thought of it.

    As a fan for over 20 years, I've been privy to many wonderful stories that the writers of GL have told and seen some of the greatest actors in daytime bring characters I love to life. From the unstoppable Beverlee McKinsey to the up & coming Marcy Rylan, GL has always had the finest cast.

    In early 2008, Guiding Light once again took on the daunting task of trying to change the face of soap operas. While its new production model has caused frenzied talk with its fans, no one can deny that daytime will never be the same. And personally, I like it.

    May the light shine another 70 years!
  • I can not believe you let Gus (Ricky Paull) go. I am very disappointed, probably the most disappointed I've been in 2-3 years. It sucks!!!! I have been a fan for 25 years too. Ugh!!!

    First let me say I watch the show everyday! I DVR it if I won't be at home. It makes my day and always cheers me up to watch it. Usually when I'm in a bad mood, the cast on the show pulls me out of it. This review is about GUS. I can not believe you let Gus (Ricky Paull) go. I am very disappointed, probably the most disappointed I've been in 2-3 years. It sucks!!!! I have been a fan for 25 years too. I LOVED GUS AITORA!!!! Shame on you for letting him leave.
    Especially if it had to do with more money. I mean why?? Couldn't you at least have let made him leave the show--not kill him off, cause now he definitely can't come back. UGH!!!!!!
    Signed, very upset GL fan!!
  • I have been watching this soap opera since I was a little girl with my grandmother.

    Whoever thought of writing a story with cassie and josh is sick, nasty, and disguising. I have never seen nothing like this on the soap opera before. What needs to haappen is that josh needs to go back to reva and cassie needs to find her own man. What would reva and josh's kids think of this, Bad enough you had jonathan and tammy together. Do you dream this stuff up. You should have put jonathan with lizzie and left it like that and had tammy be with her own man. What's wrong with them that can't find their own man outside the family. Ya'll Need To Name It Keeping It In The Family.
  • I thought the comic segment with Harley was a blast. I had complete admiration for the writers brilliance and Harley.

    I thought the comic segment with Harley was a blast. I had complete admiration for the writers brilliance and Harley. She loved playing that part and it showed. I just wish she had touched Reva causing her cancer to go into remission and allowing her body to get better so she could spend the rest of her days with the one true love of her life in marital bliss until her life ends unexpectedly. This happens only when her contract expires and she is ready to leave the show.
    Reva has always been the light on guiding light. I hate to think of the show without Reva. Harley
    will help Reva fans hang in there and eventually fill her shoes in the show but the love and light in Reva will be missed. Josh should have known better. I hope he see the “light” and Loves Reva even more and tells Cassie that somehow, he was looking for Reva in her.
  • I think that guiding light is on fire right now

    we have the lizzie, tammy, jon, ava, and coop pregnancy,props to the writers for incorporing lizzie into the boring tmmay jon their i love you but i can\\\'t be with you was really getting old at least they are now reunited (but for how long), harley and gus, dinah and mallet and we got to see the vet rick, beth, blake in promising storyline
    last year i felt that the storylines were hard to follow cause it seems that the writers were unable to keep track with but man now they do i only hope that GL can keep its currrent momentum and keep on getting better
  • Guiding Light has always been my favorite soap.

    Guiding Light has always been my favorite soap opera on daytime tv. I started watching it with my mom in the 80's when I was a teenager and now I record it on my DVR everyday so I will not miss it. It has become very exciting waiting to see what happens between tammy and jonathan. I do think that cassie should eventually give in and just accept jonathan. After all Tammy loves him. I don't like the fact that Josh and Reva split. They were my favorite couple of all time. I love this show and will keep watching
  • Its the greatest soap on CBS and is tied at #1 with General Hopital on ABC.

    This is one of the best soaps still around. It has supassed 53 yrs on Daytime TV. It is the longest running soap. It still goes against controversial issues of framed murder, rape, being married to more than one person, and even the current \"Kisssing Cousins\" story line. The story line did turn me away a little bit, only b/c of the Mac & Billy storyline on Y& R. But Johnathan and Tammy they have that love that Reva and Josh did and it seems that they will last thru watever life through at them.
  • Wanna see a show that gets better everytime you see it? Guiding Light is definetely the show for you.

    Guiding Light has been the grande dame of soap operas since it began, and it's been shocking viewers for years. Paternity tests, deaths, murder, and so much more have filled the airwaves with every episode of Guiding Light.

    If you are looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and constantly keeps you guessing, Guiding Light is for you!
  • Needs to keep faith with it's history.

    I have watched and loved the light since age 3 in 59 at my mom's side.
    I was happy to see the recent appearance of Rev. Rutledge-a decendant of the early lead character.Bring back the Baur family,front and center.Renew your rich heritage i say.
    Stop repeating storylines so often,with differant characters.I still love the light.
  • This daytime programme has stood the test of time, but one has to wonder if time has really run out for this programme or IF this programme can rise from the ashes that recent directors/producers/writers have taken it down to?

    I have watched this programme since since 1967, when I remember that it was still in black/white. Through the years I have watched unbelievable storyline come & go but I NEVER thought I would see the end of this programme. I was stunned to see that they were turning off the light for good and had to wonder if it was because of all the changes in the recent yrs. I was not, and still am not, a fan of the way the programme shooting was changed. I thought, and apparently ALOT of fans agreed with me, that it wasn't beneficial to the show. Then some of the solid staples of the show that left (ALOT of rumours were that they didn't like the changes either), yet this had happened before, but never when the show was already bleeding. This led to even lower ratings, and one would think that if the show wasn't doing well with ratings that some of the changes that had been implemented would be rethought, yet this wasn't the case. The powers that be (Ellen Wheeler and David Kreizman) did not listen to their fans, which honestly boggles ones' mind. It seemed to me that those in charge of keeping this show on the air and successful weren't interested in this any longer. Ellen Wheeler made the choice to "change" not only the setting look but major characters and focus on a younger cast. Once again she did not listen to the shows fans. I can not tell you how many message boards I visited during this time of "change" and the message was the same... THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT, yet Wheeler and head writer David Kreizman DIDN'T listen to their public. They stayed the course of the changes to the show (i.e, how it was shot as well as the storylines that were just "out there"), and even though they knew it was killing Irna Phillips lifes' work, they went ahead with "their" vision. I am very sad and angry that a staple of my life will be no more come September. This programme took me through my childhood illnesses, college exams, raising my four sons and everything else in between.
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