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  • I just heard today about the cancellation of GL, and I have to say I'm shocked! After 72 years, 57 on TV alone, I really think its sad to just axe something so quickly, and after so long, its not right.

    I have watched this show since I was a little kid (and yes I do watch soaps) and I can not believe they are about to go off the air, its really sad how networks are now so quick to jump the gun on such classic, long-running shows these days. So it had a bad couple of years in the ratings, and I'm not so sure I believe in whatever or whoever determines such ratings, but to cancel the show. So drastic, so fast. So many networks have been doing this lately, and its sickening. Claiming to be due to the downfall of the economy, seems to be an overused phrase these days.
    I'm really disappointed that they could take such a show and especially when its just starting to get good again, with the plot twists, the miraculous resurrections, small miracles and now finally they get a gay storyline out there, just as ATWT which apperently is next to be chopped) and it seems almost as if when that happens the networks cancel it. I have to say, for a nation supposably so diverse, and advanced compared to so many, to think that our minds are still back in the dark ages. Well all I can say is that I thank the cast of Guiding Light for an excellent run, great storylines, and I will miss you. I just hope that those who love the show will remember what it was, and not who made such a drastic and so wrong decision.
    I just hope that maybe one day that I will get the chance to see some of the great cast members of the show again somewhere else. Like Kim Zimmer, Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis III), Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding), Nicole Forrester (Cassie Lewis), and so many others. I thank you for doing such a wonderful job, at keeping us all so greatly entertained throughout the years, and I sincerely hate to see you go.

    Best of luck to all the cast, and thanks again!
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