Guiding Light

CBS (ended 2009)





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  • I don't understand why you are getting rid of the show. I have been watching it since I was little. My mom got me hooked on it. It is my favorite soap, and I think it is stupid for you to get rid of it!

    This is a show that should stay on the air until there is no one to watch it. It isn't like the other soaps. I can't get into the others. I work until 3pm when it comes on. I dvr it, and rush home so i can watch it. I don't understand how you can just cancel a show that even the young folks like me love to watch. I talk about it all the time with my co-workers on lunch break to gossip about what is going on. Please please please don't cancel it. I would have nothing to look forward to when I come home from a long day at work. Why canel it after 75 years, why not keep it going and see if you can make it another 25 to 75 years!!! If you don't listen to the viewers what type of show are you going to put in its place?? Viewers should have a say in what happens to a show, Right?